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Fotga A50TL and A50TLS 5" FHD Field Monitor with Touch Screen, 3D LUTS, HDMI and SDI
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    • 1920x1080 IPS panel with instant pinch touch zoom like on smartphones
    • 510 cd/m2
    • 1500:1
    • 3G SDI and 4K HDMI inputs/outputs.
    • USB port for firmware upgrade
    • Built-in audio input
    • Multiple connecting holes (1/4",3/8" ,M6 and cold shoe connector)
    • Lot of buttons and touchscreen
    • 5 build in LUTs and you can import extra 8 custom LUT files.
    • Dual battery compartment for NP-F NP-FM/QM batteries
    • Optional LP-E6 battery plate
    • Battery output to power your camera directly from monitor.
    • Features - Histogram / Audio Levels / False Colors / Peaking Focus Assist (Red, Green, Blue and white colors optional)/Zebra Exposure (1-100% adjustable)/Check Field.
    • Anamorphic Mode (2.35:1,1.33:1,)
    • Image Flip(vertically) / Image Freeze / Safety marker / Center Marker
    • Ratio marker (4:3,16:9,16:10,5:4,1.85:1,2.35:1)
    • $169-259 for


    800 x 753 - 76K
    800 x 386 - 36K
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  • Works with JTZ Link (for their premium JTZ brand rigs)


    800 x 496 - 41K
  • nice review! It could be a nice EVF alternative if you could fit a 5in Loupe actually.

  • I would think that someone could come up with a loupe for this.

  • hello for you I knew these monitors I want to ask which of these 2 monitors recommend more the lilliput a8s or the fotga a50tls thanks greetings and much success

  • @Rekifilm: Maybe also checko ut the SWIT CM-55c screen. Quite cheap and extremely feature packed (at a low price point):

  • @Tscheckoff

    I'll post nice interview about Swit soon.

  • seems like fotga would be the chosen one to make a cheap loupe designed specifically. Grid's are nice but too expensive and accessibility limited. There's an informative video where a 5" was constructed...quite nicely. A package with loupe for $200 would sell like pancakes.

  • @kurth You mean like the Ikan EVF35? It's a bit more than $200 ($320ish), but it's a tiny screen and comes with a loupe to make it an "EVF." I have one. It's not awesome, but it's totally usable.

  • @Tscheckoff thank you very much is very good also just that it has no sdi i want it with sdi but it is also a good option thanks to all the best for all

  • @Rekifilm: You could also go for an SDI to HDMI converter. There are a few neat / quite small ones from Atomos for example (which you can put inbetween the NP-F / Sony L type battery and the screen - The "Atomos S2H" for example). Sure - Its still a bit bigger than with internal SDI - But used you can get such an adapter / plug-on-converter quite cheap already (around 80 to 100$ quite often). And compared to the SDI version Fotga - The "A50TLS", the CM-55c + S2H converter would be just a few bucks more expensive (or maybe even AS expensive - But with more software features). LG

  • @eatstoomuchjam that ikan is only 480p. They have a larger one based on their 5" 1080p monitor which is $600. Can you nail focus on 4k with 480p ?

  • @kurth That depends on the depth of field and what I'm shooting! Even with fairly shallow DOF, I've been able to pretty consistently hit focus. The monitor also has a zoomed mode which is useful for critical focus.

  • @eatstoomuchjam....question porfavor....can you see the pixels on the ikan evf35 ? And is the peaking good...average ?

  • Gamut measurement


    800 x 708 - 81K
  • @kurth I'm afraid that I'm about 6,000 miles away from my Ikan right now so I can't look, but I'm pretty sure that if you look closely, you'll see them. A better option would be the PortKeys EVF which they are announcing any day now. Tony Wang has been leaking info about it in the Z-Cam E2 group (and probably other places as well). It's a 0.71" 1080p OLED with HDMI and SDI inputs. Price to be announced next week.

  • @eatstoomuchjam...yes it looks quite nice. Saw it a few days ago. Sure it'll be a grand at least!

  • Hi, I am really interested in this monitor, because there's no competition for the tls version in this price range, but there are no other reviews on it and I cant find any information about the input lag. How bad is it? It is basically the only thing that concerns me.

  • @Jaunius

    We'll try to measure soon.

    Usually for similar Chinese monitors it is 60-75ms.

  • Would be very appreciated, thanks!

  • 1080p60 lag measurement



    Around 50ms, 3 frames delay.

    Due to chipsets Chinese monitors used it is never better than 3 frames, most are in 60-76ms range even.

    800 x 556 - 42K
    800 x 571 - 42K
  • 4K 30fps lag measurement



    800 x 562 - 38K
    800 x 560 - 38K
  • Wow, thank you for testing it!

  • Thermals

    All is quite nice for small powerful monitor.



    638 x 476 - 42K
    634 x 469 - 48K