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Panasonic AG-HPX250 vs Panasonic GH2 Intra
  • Has anyone shot the Panasonic AG-HPX250 and compared it to the Panasonic GH2 with an Intra hack? It looks like these two cameras would pair very well with each other. The HPX250 shoots AVC-Intra 100 Mb/s (10-bit 4:2:2) codec onto P2 cards, and I wonder how it would pair with the GH2 footage in terms of, noise, sharpness and colour.

    Any thoughts?

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  • On paper maybe, but look wise they are completely different. The HPX still looks like video or broadcast footage... where the GH2 looks like film/digital cinema. Could work for some things though... I expect the noise and low-light footage to look worse on the HPX250 though.

  • @bwhitz The HPX still looks like video or broadcast footage

    Do you say this because of the smaller sensor?

  • I agree with bwhitz... it does look like video next to the GH2 (or any dslr for that matter). The smaller 3 CCD sensors are a factor, but it's just one of many that contribute to it's video style. If you know what you're doing, then you can get film-like results with it, but it's not gonna look nearly as filmic as the GH2.

  • AVC-Intra 100Mbs @10bit 422 is great if you add a high quality 35mm adapter to it. I might run some tests soon. I am not sure how the 3 imager chipset ( tiny ones ) are good for low light shooting. Considering DOF adapters waste almost 1.5~2 stops of light, the low light ability/disability becomes a factor. On the other hand after expensing the DOF adapter all those exotic 35mm SLR lenses are going to be at your disposal. Hmmmm this is too tempting.

  • I am seriously considering buying the Panasonic HPX250. I am newly retired and decided to get back into videography on a more serious basis. My intended use for the camera is a possible documentary or two, probably recording a few lectures and weddings and, perhaps, some freelance work for a local new channel. Broadcast quality would be required.

    The 250 seems to fit the requirements but the camera is quite expensive and the P2 cost and workflow concern me a bit.

    That said, others have advised me to stay way from a VDSLR because of a loss of auto-focus and auto exposure in fast paced shooting environments, in addition to poor sound quality even with an external mic. Is this true? or would the GH2 be good in what could amount to a run-n-gun environment in some cases. Overall, it could be half the investment vs the 250.



  • @pinger007 You mentioned CCDs, doesn't it have CMOS too?

  • @dank

    The gh2 is never going to be as straightforward for run and gun as the 250.

    That said, I do a lot(more than I like to admit) run and gun trying to get that cute kid moment. You can get close to run and gun ease with the af, stabilized panasonic lens. The sound quality from the gh2 is surprisingly good, I think, but probably not pro quality. You can use a zoom h4n or the like as a second audio source and sync it to the video in post.

    But I mean that's a lot of stuff to think about, as opposed to grabbing a 250. You have to think more about setting and lighting the scene correctly with the gh2. But the gh2 is much smaller, even with an external audio recorder and it takes great pictures, too, so it's more versatile.

    And as long as care is taken with the scene it's got that killer image. But there's just no way you can set up and roll as fast as a 250 for a shot you need right now.

  • OK, thanks, Chauncy. I appreciate the feedback

  • A version of Panasonic's AVC-Intra with its Quant matrixes will appear on the low gop thread soon as a test for you all. Once the next ptools gets proper release. Its already being tested with this matrix. :-)

  • @chauncy @DanK yes - I agree good sound is a lot easier with a camcorder without having to faff around with bolt-on boxes.

  • @driftwood Avc-Intra? ....4:2:2? :-P

  • Thank you Nick. Looking foward in checking it out.