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Biggest GH2 mystery EVER discovered
  • Lurking in the depths of the GH2 firmware... well, you'll just have to look for yourself (or listen as the case may be). See the attached file.


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  • Whoa, those sure don't sound like test recordings of late night jam sessions at Panasonic. Were they actually stored as MP3-encoded data? That's not a native GH2 audio format...

  • Strange. Maybe for a slideshow function?

  • Wahhh?!? Maybe this is are supposed to kick in when you plug the camera directly into the computer and use Panny's bundled software? huh...

  • No, its 8-bit binary (big) at 16KBs. I think it is for slideshows. I just rendered them so they would be small.

  • Yep, I sent this parts to Chris not long ago and he made WAV files out of it (and MP3 for publishing).

    This is from GH2 v1.11

    They must be used for slide shows, yes.

  • I would say there is a lot of space to be spared for hacking!

  • @fatpig

    I can see we need access to the GH2's Schmaltz menu straight away. Elevator muzak, happy shopping - and slides!

  • He he...nice thread title.

  • LoL. Those are straight out of the firmware? GH2 Easter Eggs? I like the 4th song.

  • I fell on this when I plugged my GH2 on my brother's Samsung LCD, I was very surprise to see a strange slide show interface, on which you can navigate through the different functions using the TV remote !

  • Very good thread. :-)

  • @lenuisible "you can navigate through the different functions using the TV remote !" If you can control (remote control) slide show when connected to a TV (via HDMI), it can be to be in the same way to control other functions of the camera?

  • @Mihuel it's clear that you can navigate into the SD card using VieraLink and make the GH2 play this beautiful music :) (, but if Panasonic didn't enable tethering features, it's pretty sure they didn't put any code that would enable a third party program to control photo/video recording. Seeing that Samsung TVs implement Vieralink, we can assume it's either a well documented protocol, or they have agreement with Panasonic, but as its main goal seems to be to control playback devices (Bluray players, HDD recorders, ...), I don't think they bothered taking camera recording features into account

  • Yep - found that music about a week after I got my camera (so this was Jan 2011 - original v1 firmware, obviously) when I connected it to a Samsung TV and played around with the slideshow function. Kind of cheesy but the music is fun!

  • A day or two after I got the camera I had a slideshow playing back in-camera with music, not hooked up to a TV. I seem to recall you could select which song you wanted playing, but I wrote it off as a useless "look, something else to add to the spec sheet!" feature and promptly forgot all about it.