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Difference between Magix Vegas Pro and Video Pro
  • Recently got involved in deploying a very small institutional communication team. The hardware available to video editing is mostly a couple of low profile sandy bridge i7 and common RAM witch would be added 1050ti. Target source is GH5 (not defined).

    Searching for some editors with FX suite that reported to run OK on these specs, decided to contact Magix about their Vegas Pro and Video Pro software.

    The reply came:

    • Video Pro is a semi-professional software to advanced videographers
    • Vegas Pro is a professional software to production companies

    So, ok it does give the idea of how the company place the two, but would the people here on the forum know about the effective difference of the software? What are the main things that set them apart in terms of function and integration?

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  • @RoadsidePicnic

    Well, Video Pro X is more modern software developed by their German team, ala Final Cut X.

    Vegas Pro 16 is older generation thing, with more features and much more cumbersome, but if you know it - it is very powerful. Developed in US, but owned by same Magix now, they always leave old teams and very carefully approach mergers.

    Video Pro X usually is faster for general editing yet hardware fast encoding (I mean here Nvidia cards only) works now only for HEVC, must do soon for H,264. QuickSync works for both.

    Vegas is more versatile in this regard, I specially talked to Magix management so they finally will transfer better some features between teams.

    You can check topics here on PV and install trial versions to check real performance.

    Also you are slightly late or good deal -

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thanks, that summarize it very well.

    And I got it for myself on the deal :) Don't stopped to play with it yet but now waiting for the sound stuff bundle deal to come again.

  • @RoadsidePicnic

    If you have more modern processor (compared to Sandy Bridge, I mean) Video Pro X is definitely simpler and better.