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Which m43 mini has MANUAL video control - GX8, GX9, GX85, GX850, ????
  • Just picked up a slightly used GX850 to do some B roll 4K video and found out that it doesn't have a manual video mode that I can find anywhere.

    I've been pouring over video reviews and the specs of the Panasonic mini 4K possibilities and can't find if any of them have a manual video mode.

    If anyone knows if any of these tiny 4K monsters allow you to do manual control, please let me know? Looking for an ultra light weight option to supplement my GH5.

    Cheers, Pete

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  • Have the GX85 and yes, full manual video mode is alllowed (I use only full manual control).

  • On GX850 , the only way to get manual exposure video is to shoot 4K photo mode. But not 24p, with method A you might get 24p with semi-manual exposure.

    method A - switch to P,S or A. Push the UP button (exposure compensation), turn the wheel to make the image brighter or darker. Then shoot video. You can't control the exposure parameters, but you can control the overall exposure

    - method B - switch to M. Turn on 4K Photo (Fn1 by default on the GX800), choose the S/S option(Start/Stop). Now set you exposure parameters (aperture, shutter speed, ISO). Start shooting by pressing the shutter button (not the red video record button), stop it by pressing it again. The camera will show you a 4K burst, but you will find a normal 4K/30p mp4 video file (including sound) on your SD card when viewing it on a pc.
  • Thanks @jleo and @MarcioK

    Never thought to try manual in 4K photo mode !!!

    Cheers, Pete