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Lumix gh2 On/Off switch broken
  • Hello,

    I have this problem with my GH2 : the plastic On/Off switch is broken. No easy to find a solution.

    When i see how open a gh2, this part seems to be complicated to access if i find this little plastic piece.

    What can i do ?


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  • @Hydro

    You better make photos.

  • You have to replace the complete top button case unit if one of the buttons break.

    It's probably better to find a used replacement camera.

    Service part is VYK4Y11 (black), VYK4Y12 (silver).

    750 x 562 - 64K
  • @EspenB

    "Mom, I broke my nail!"
    "Mom looking at AR service guide in Windows 2030."
    "Option 1. Replace top part of your son."
    "Option 2. Find replacement son."
    "Tip. Option 2 is cheaper and simpler".

  • and grandpa always protesting regardless of what his daughter does

  • Yes ! after see how disassemble the GH2, i think the same of you, replace all the part with button. I didn't find a broken camera to buy or replacement part via the web. Thanks for the links

    Can you find the same service in Europe please ? I need my cam for a party at the end of year, and the shipping inform me than is it for the begining of january.

  • Can you not use a pin or something very small to poke in and move the switch to the on position and just leave it always on? Remove battery when not in use or if it has a sleep mode let it sleep.

  • Damn ! My second GH2 have now same problem ! I find a another lol

    BUT now, i have 2 old GH2 who have just this damn switch on/off broken. If you have plan to find cheap part, i'm interested.