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Any option to the rotolight Neo2? Any other flash work in HSS?
  • I have seen many tests of photos and videos made with this light and I like the result, Its awesome. Works as a continuous light for video/cine and as a flash.

    The only thing negative is the price, isnt cheap, but its price is not bad either, the other problem is that the transmitter costs almost 80% than the Neo2 costs: Neo2 U$325-400, transmitter HSS U$250, total U$ 550-625 too much.

    I'm not sure if any other transmitter will allow synchronization in flash mode for high speed, at that point one could save money because the price of the transmitter is very very very excessive.

    The othe question is if there a similar light with good CRI, portable what dont need electrical connection and at the same time be a flash and continuous light. The only thing I know so efficient but only as a high power flash and portability is the Godox AD200.