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9:16 content
  • I'm going to shoot some content for Instagram TV, which is vertical (9:16 1080:1920). I have two choices:

    a) shoot 4K wide and reframe every shot in post. There are production advantages to that (normal camera support) and a possible downside (not "seeing" the final framing and missing the shot). The downside is real; if get the perspective wrong there isn't much room to play with scaling (2160p vertical scaled or punched in to 1920p)

    b) Turn the camera sideways and shoot HD; Rotate 90deg in editing to get to 9:16. Framing will be "obvious" when shooting. do I support the camera sideways for static or moving shots? I can sort of manage it handheld, but everything else will become a wtf moment. Weight will be off-axis for any support. Accidents will happen.

    What would you do? I am considering shooting 4K wide and taping a 9:16 cutout to a production monitor floating on top of the camera. This way I can have immediate feedback when framing, and proper view of the OSD on the builtin display. Thoughts?

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  • You can buy a camera bracket cheaply enough to mount your camera always at 90 degrees.

  • @IronFilm how well does that work though? I'm thinking about the off-axis weight. One either needs to use a light (handheld?) camera or very sturdy support. I will look into it for sure. Got any links?

  • Why does the weight matter? You can adjust where you mount the tripod plate.

  • What type of camera are you using? If it is a smaller dlsr or mirrorless camera, use a cage you can fix tripod plate to vertical side instead of under side. If its a larger camera, something like this.

  • @IronFilm I couldn't visualize what the thing looks like so I imagined the worst :) Then I found this:

    thanks for the tip :) This is probably the most effective design. It does cost a bit though. Can anyone reference a cheaper lookalike?

    500 x 500 - 38K
  • I cannot believe that no major brand (Canon, Panny, Sony etc) has STILL not released a 9:16 aspect camera!! The demographic who shoot vertical video is HUGE but we still have no offerings on the market, its CRAZY! Its 2018 guys, surely its time to move on from the archaic 16:9 format by now......

  • @tubefingers

    I'll tell you small (actually big) secret.

    Square sensor cameras will be next big thing, quite soon.

    Next thing after most consumer cameras move to FF.

  • GoPro Hero7 Black has a 9:16 mode. 4K60p 9:16!

  • @Markr041 - now thats what im talking about! We need a 9:16 ProRes 8K RAW 444HQ with 18 stops and a global shutter, and we need it NOW

  • Just shoot the video and when you are done rotate it 90 degrees. Anything else you are wasting your time.

  • @tubefingers you forgot to mention it must also do 10,000 FPS and have clean one million ISO

    @radikalfilm if you've already got a camera cage then if it has mounting points on the side then you don't even need an L Bracket, but yeah, they're super cheap to buy anyway as that eBay link shows and no effort to find

  • @tubefingers best trolling ever :) though I can envision a future 10 yrs from now where your wit becomes reality! I had a look at professionally shot content on IGTV, there is some already. Once you get past the aneurysm you can appreciate it as its own thing. I was fully dismissive before I actually took the time to look. Aesthetically it is the polar opposite of scope ratio; there are new rules of composition (rule of 3rds is dead), new camera moves, and new grammar. I may eventually shoot a vertical documentary just to rewire my brain.

    @DrDave that's a hack, it wouldn't be native to the platform and you'd force the viewer to rotate the phone to landscape.

    @IronFilm bracket it is for me, I shoot on a Z90. I may have to spring for the Manfrotto plate as all my heads are Manfrotto and 3rd party plates are iffy sometimes. I will give the $8 noname bracket a shot, the admission price is low enough.

  • @Radikalfilm yeah I'm not against the 9:16 format, like you say - it offers new opportunities in terms of visual language. We shoot a lot of projects for Social Media campaigns that deliver as 9:16 so at some point I do plan to frame/shoot 9:16 specifically rather than 4K landscape and crop in post. Does anyone have recommendation in terms of plate/mount for the Panasonic EVA to to sit sideways on the tripod?

  • Does anyone have recommendation in terms of plate/mount for the Panasonic EVA to to sit sideways on the tripod?

    Get a cage for it? Then mount it onto the side of the cage.

    Although I can't seem to quickly find a cage for an EVA1.

    Perhaps just find a really big square cage, a generic one, or one for another camera. Would the BMCC be big enough? You could pick up their cages for dirt cheap now!

    As a square cage around it would inspire more confidence than a simple L bracket when mounting a heavy camera.