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VR as a new live action medium
  • I've got little to say on this subject save for linking to something: Are they making a VR game or is it a live action hybrid?

    If any of you are employed by Lucasfilm you'd likely just grin and say no comment, but for the rest of us (ok, I mean me) there is some degree of curiosity on the production side. I've read (not seen) about "experiences" already projected(?) held(?) at festivals, but what I want to know is how is this shit DONE? What carries over and what doesn't? I can imagine reasonable adjustments in pre-production, but I draw a blank in production.

    Like, I don't know, can you still use a crane? No? Do they make invisible drones? No? Ok. You get my point. How do you do stuff? Lighting? "Framing" (used loosely)? Is there anything resembling a process, method? Editing and post: Jump-cuts? Montage? Continuity? What do they do to immersion now that the viewer is part of the "world"?

    Coming soon to your Oculus Quest! Hm, ok, I'll buy one when it comes out. Business model? Content niches that will make money? Porn, I know. What else? Education?

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  • I'd imagine that for things like drones that they just remove them with software similar to what some of the 360 cams do with selfie sticks/monopods. In addition, instead of a crane, you can just put the 360 camera on a selfie stick and move it up/down, with the stick being removed in post (or in the camera's software).

    I'd think that things like lighting would also be a real challenge - everything ends up needing to look like a practical.