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A Series on How to Make a Good Travel Video... Vid #1
  • I just created the first video of hopefully more about how to create a Good Travel Video. All based on my experiences and past, but wanted to see if you guys/gals had any thoughts around things that you would want to see and if you are even interested at all??

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  • Sounds very interesting. I would be interested in more videos.

  • Actually look quite informative! I do have a few things I like to get your inside on with videos

    How do you balance having fun/getting to know a new place and shooting good videos. I usually find myself just enjoying a new place and exploring then later I tell myself, I should have being trying to shoot all this?

    How do you come up with a story on how you want tell about a new place you visits?

    How do you quickly get an inside into the culture of the place you're at so you can include it in your videos?

    How do you take a bunch of random videos about a place and form a story about it?

  • All fabtastic questions. I am going to do a Q&A in two episodes from now and I will answer all of that. Thanks!

  • Cool video and idea! @mojo43 - keep it up!

  • Thanks Vitaliy!

  • Really enjoyed episode #1, and look forward to more. Thank you!