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Accsoon A1-S 3=Axis Gimbal $499
  • Three operation modes (upright mode, underslung mode, flashlight mode); Four working modes (pan follow, pan & tilt follow, roll follow, 3-axis lock, OLED displaying modes in live); Two control methods (joystick control and Accsoon APP control)

    Auto Tuning Function: Four taps of power button make gimbal be tuned automatically for the mass and weight distribution of camera system; intelligently adjust parameters based on the camera's weight and independently adjust each of the three axes for an optimal setting

    IMU's sensor with 32-bit motor performs 0.001 seconds respond speed, +/-0.02° precision

    Support spherical panoramic, horizontal panoramic, timelapse photography with keyframes able to be edited, motion control with up to 20 path positions, and ultra-wide-angle with nine pics stitched to come out stunning pics

    3.6kg payload, for most mirrorless and DSLR cameras,such as Sony ILCE/a,Canon EOS,Panasonic LUMIX, Nikon D; 12-18 hours runtime; firmware update from PC or APP; a 3/8" thread hole at the bottom of joystick and an included mini tripod

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  • With Blackmagic Pocket 4K

  • @jleo

    Issue with such gimbals from lesser known companies - lack of support, lack of parts and bad software.