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Panasonic GH2 Hack - PTool Error message opening Firmware V12 file
  • Hi everybody,

    I am new here. I just bought an used GH2 in good condition. As the firmware on it is 1.0 (body) and I anyway wanted to try a hack, I just followed the instructions, downloaded latest firmware (1.2.) and the flowmotion hack. All in the same folder as PTool as well. Now PTool gives me the following message after selecting the Firmware GH2__V12file: "wrong file or trying to use already patched file".

    No clue what is wrong and how to go ahead. Would be great to get some help here, thank you !

    Best Lars

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  • OK, I found the solution. V1.2 is new and the hacks are not made for it, got it. Found a Firmware 1.1 still and was able to patch it with the Flowmotion hack.

  • Hi i have just got a GH2 , so you have hacked it with 1.1 FW ? im finding it VERY difficult to get ANY info on where to download the hacked FW from ????? any help would be great. cheers rob