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First short, shot in 25p with leica 25mm 1.4 Poor Sleep Quality
  • I did two years of animation but called it quits and started film this year. This is my first short i made, ever. Bought myself the gh2 and loving it ever since :) Anxiously waiting for the pal-land hack =)

    All shot between 1.4 and 2.2


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  • @klem007

    Some nice shots, I like the mood of the look. Were you manually focusing?

    Out of curiosity, are you in the Netherlands? I couldn't quite make out the languauge from some of your other videos (on vimeo).

  • @spacewig Yes that was manual focus. At 30 cm its 0.57 cm between sharp and out of focus so i'm off so times :) And i'm from the land of chocolate (Belgium) ..

  • maybe you could render another version for vimeo in higher quality? With only 88MB file size a 720 5:30 video it seems to be quite compressed which is imho visible in strong artefacts when you view in it full screen. I like the mood very much, it's consitent through the whole short - well done! I didn't focus on your off focus - some shaking (1:27 for instance) is more noticeable.

  • i'm afraid i was using a too heavy rig for a poor quality photo tripod.. and the artefacts aren't only due too the compressing, in the raw footage there are some too. Mainly in the shadows of the red background. I needed 25p if shot on 24 with the driftwood hack you don't have this problem =) also thx for replying!

  • I use DVD Studio Pro to get a 24fps rate to 25. Films get a little faster but as I was told it's the same when a Hollywood movie is converted for TV. Nobody will see it (except the editor cause sound is a little faster and has a higher level too) I still have the FW 1.1 but I think I will go back to a hack with higher bitrate.