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Panasonic GH6, final m43 camera, again with bad AF
  • image


    Key features

    • 25 million pixel PLF-less sensor
    • 100 million pixel high-resolution photo shooting
    • 5.7K video
      • 5.7K 30p Apple ProRes 422 HQ 1.9Gbps
    • New video modes
      • 4K120p 4: 2: 0 10bit 300Mbps
      • 4K 60p 4: 2: 2 10bit 800Mbps /
      • 600Mbps 5.7K 60p 4: 2: 0 10bit
      • 300Mbps C4K 120p 4: 2: 0 10bit
      • 300Mbps C4K 60p 4: 2: 2 10bit 800Mbps / 600Mbps
    • Sensor read up to 300fps
    • 4K resolution 120 fps
    • Suppression of rolling shutter
    • Computation processing capacity is doubled
    • New Intelligent details processor
    • New 2D noise reduction
    • High performance 3D-NR for video
    • Improved AF performance, processing speed is 3 times faster for DFD
    • Card slots - CFexpress TypeB slot, UHS II compatible SD card slot
    • Weight: 739g




    Previous rumors

    • Panasonic wants to add 8K support, most probably at 24p only
    • m43 sensor can be first present only at GH6 presentation time and will be exclusive for 1-2 years
    • 8K support can be interpolated (from around 5.7-7K), but can be true 8K, depends on sensor version Sony chooses
    • Next focus will be improving high frame rates
    • AF will be kept at same level, slightly faster, just with more options
    • Will use this EVF -
    • GH6 can be first camera with AI and cloud based features with monthly cost
    • Other features can be possible to be enabled permanently, but paid, similar to V-LOG license
    • Panasonic also wants to account for big currency fluctuations
    • So, price will rise compared to GH5, but it can be GH6V (value edition) with 8K and other features disabled that you can buy later
    • GH lineup, after one year of introduction, will be 3 cameras - GH6V, GH6 and GH6X (top one, similar to mix of G9 and GH5S)
    • First announcement round will be fall of 2019 and next CP++ will be release time



    736 x 520 - 69K
    744 x 478 - 54K
    742 x 377 - 44K
    741 x 465 - 49K
    681 x 466 - 59K
    677 x 487 - 61K
    774 x 562 - 80K
    785 x 586 - 56K
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  • GH6 must be real monster.

  • Its the weapon of choice this little GH series.

    Wonder if this LSI is more potent than current varicams. It should be .for what you are posting and its not all rumors.

    120fps at 4k 8 bit Compressed raw Oversized sensor starvis model Better colorimetry AI for rip as off money

    A hack must be developed to pass through those protocols of slavery cloud based features pay Shit

  • All I want is great image quality-- less noise, better low-light, wider dynamic range, higher resolutions. Basically, a Red Dragon in my hand.

  • Basically, a Red Dragon in my hand.

    Part of RD dynamic range is pixel size (here pixel size will be smaller compared to GH5), another part is cooling.

    As they want to keep sensor based stabilization we will see DR decrease, not increase.

    To keep with it temporal noise reduction will be improved.

  • I personally think the GH6 will be announced in the beginning of 2020 (not sooner) and it will feature the organic sensor Panasonic is working on for some time now. :)

  • Looks like no PDAF again.

  • So that also means we could be seeing a huge jump in m43 resolution - it seems like the highest are still 20-24 megapixels for stills. Supporting 8k would mean supporting at least 32 megapixel stills (a bit less if the 8k is interpolated).

  • @MarcioK

    Looks like no PDAF again.

    As far as I heard - yes, no PDAF.

  • 8k will be here long before 2020 games, this is just a given. It may come on a G before a GH model, but that's just a guess. The global shutter organic sensor will be here in time for the games, maybe much earlier. 8k must be released soon to stay competitive since sony and canon will be doing the same. 8K for the olympics was announced very early, if memory serves me before the gh4 came out, it was half marketing since this was the time Tokyo got the Olympic bid and half a conservative prediction about when 8k would become the new pro-sumer standard. In simple terms, Panasonic is not going to wait till the 2020 olympics, while others release 8k in 2018.

  • GH6 seems an incomplete 8K camera, if only shoot 24/ 25 / 30. And SD card with UHS-ll is still very expensive, if they can record into SSD from Type-C like backmagic will be wonderful.

    Since GH line has advantage on video recording, I think Panasonic needs to develop new high standard lens for video. I am not sure how many parfocal lens existing in M43 system. But just like Fujinoon MK Zoom lens or broadcasting lens with auto focus will gives M43 a big support.

  • Without making the GH6 a lot bigger (and probably more expensive), I couldn't even imagine how they would do 8k at any higher frame rates. That's a lot of IO/processing power. Instead of lamenting that, maybe celebrate that there's a good chance that 4kp120 (or higher?) should be available/possible and is still more resolution than you're likely to need any time in the near future.

  • Small updates right before NAB.

    Situation inside Panasonic in Japan is bizzare. Management do not know fully that to do as FF lineup presently requires external financing and it is projected that it will bring only losses during 2019. m43 sales also not so good.

    GH6 development is going on, but it was not mentioned on meeting for quite a time. They are all focused on solution of their FF lineup issues. If situation will become even more bleak during summer, starting September we can see as much as 50% price cuts among both bodies and 30% for some of lenses.

    So, can say thanks for FF cameras as they affected plans towards GH6 a lot.

  • It's sad about the S line. I want to like those camera's but the weight alone is counter intuitive of where I want to be, and I think most of the market for that matter, even at half price. Maybe if they unlock 6K video at 60p, and sell the body for under 1k they can pull that line out of the dive it's in. You may say that I'm a dreamer.....

  • If situation will become even more bleak during summer, starting September we can see as much as 50% price cuts among both bodies and 30% for some of lenses.

    GH5 is selling for around $1.5K currently, I'd happily forget about buying a G85 this year and buy a GH5 instead for $750!

  • @IronFilm

    Need to read thing more carefully. This is only about FF related plans.

    If trade war will proceed and camera market will go to hell and it goes now we can see big surprises, including even prematurely end of life for Panasonic L mount.

  • 43 rumours:

    • There seem to be discussion that next GH will have a Super 35 sensor (full size to be enabled by key)
    • higher resolution
    • special pixel binning algorithm for low light applications
    • Dual ISO
  • GH6 situation is still strange

    My source in Panasonic told that it had been mentioned only once on meetings. Possible first marketing announcement can be very soon, before or during IBC. Most probably before, as they want to use carefully selected bloggers who will do only requested things. Even want to write some preview guide like AMD is writing.

    Yet things can repeat or even outpace the FF cameras approach, with announcement being up to 8 months ahead of any real availability. Idea is to make it closer to multi step EVA1 approach. And similar things with firmware.

  • Whispers in the dark..

  • Seems like GH6 can be last camera in m43 lineup.

  • So papá sonic what’s to transform the company’s way of communicating with customers by changing themself to a more open strategy.

    If true true, and use proper communication they will fail. Such old structured company’s won’t change that fast.

    All to make more green papers as in the past.

    Panafriend make shure to define well who will be your future partners in USA or china.

    I know you hate china but it’s closer to your country and well you get things faster, but blocking it and playing gringos game right now it’s not being smart boy.

  • GH6 will be a mix of GH5+GH5S, dual iso with ibis and multiaspect sensor with 44 megapixels for DCI 8K 422 10bit video with vlog. 8K with dual iso can be ok in M43 up to iso 3200.