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DIY remote for Marantz PMD recorders
  • Cheap DIY device that emulate the RC600 remote controller: Record, Pause, and Mark buttons can be easily operated by feel Bright, Three-color LED indicates record status, and peak levels Powered by recorder—no batteries required Compatible with PMD620, PMD620MKII, PMD660, PMD661, PMD661MKII, PMD671, PMD570, PMD580 and more Few microswitches, a 3,5mm jack, resistors and a RGB led (SMD bright better under sunlight) are needed.

    2322 x 1158 - 263K
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  • Little update with the "official" spects:

    2326 x 1560 - 437K
  • Not compatible the Marantz PMD-706?

  • Dont know. Does it have a remote (3'5m jack) port?

  • Excellent work. Thank you !