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NAB 2018: CAME-TV Crystal-800 Wireless FullHD Video Kit
  • Device specs

    • Up to 1080/60p stream
    • 800m [2,600 feet] Transmission Distance (Clear LOS)
    • Wall Penetration ability 3 cement walls; 1 ferroconcrete wall
    • Output Power 25mw-800mw adjustable
    • Sensitivity -95dbm±2dbm
    • Frequency 5G
    • Wifi Viewing on iPhone / iPad with APP
    • Latency <300ms
    • Type A HDMI input on TX (transmitter)
    • Type D HDMI Output from RX (receiver)
    • Powers off Sony L Series batteries (example: Sony NPF-970) *not included
    • DC Input: DC-12V (suggest the output power is more than 12W)
    • Transmitter: L.114mm x W. 70mm x H. 25mm [weight] 178g
    • Receiver: L.127mm x W. 72mm x H. 28mm [weight] 233g
    • Supported Resolutions: 1080p@60/50/30/25/24fps; 720p@60/50/30/25fps (If changing resolutions, restart Device)
    • Price is $698.00

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