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NetFlix Production Innovations
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    One focus of this effort has been an initiative called Prodicle. At its core, Prodicle puts a variety of production application technologies into the hands of our freelance production crew. By creating this foundational environment, we’re able to leverage existing technologies (like Google’s G-Suite) to collaborate with our productions in real-time. Furthermore, we’re able to introduce new technologies that reshape the fundamentals of production planning and logistics. For example, here’s a look at our first progressive web application called Prodicle Move.

    Move seeks to answer one simple question: “What is happening on set right now?” We want to put that information into the hands of every user, using a mobile app that showcases key shooting data. The concept in and of itself is not groundbreaking, but the prospects of taking information once found only in emails and PDFs and centralizing it in real-time, opens up countless possibilities for efficiency across the production and back at the studio.

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  • Not sure that this is at all useful on set, a solution for a problem that doesn't exist, would be much more useful for production office though.

  • @IronFilm

    You mean that they dream of turning film crew to something like Amazon workers in warehouse?

  • If taxfreeazon and net_piggyback_flix can break the Hollywood unions, that will be a major coup for corporate America

  • @robertGL

    Yep, exactly. Makes crew members compete hard to receive minimum wage in state :-)