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Adobe audition - ducking (side chain) with multiband compression and noise gate
  • I have noisy vocals. The meat of the voice is 1-5 kHz and that is pretty clean. I have music under it. I want to pass only the vocals from 1-5khz with a hard limiter acting as a noise gate. Now I can duplicate the vocal and make it a ghost track and then process it in this manner. And that would work.

    Is there an alternative where I don't need to ghost it? Can I apply effects only to the internal side chain signal?

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  • So, you want to filter out voice?

    Can you explain real end target without going in tech details how you want to do it?

  • I want the music to duck when there is voice. But there is noise and that should no trigger the ducking. So I want to preprocess the signal that triggers the ducking

  • So, you have final recording (not tracks project)? As it is usually voice recorded separately always if you have source.

    do you want to just reduce music level during parts of the song where voice is present?

  • Yes. I have separate vocals, music, ambience and SFX.

  • @zcream

    Why not make proper noise reduction on vocals?

    Can send me if you do not know how.

  • @zcream Aren't there Adobe tutorials on this? It was a touted feature in CC2018 called "automatic ducking"

  • I have izotope and used it. Just have bad sound so a noise gate is better idea. @cfreak I'm not talking about simple ducking.

    It's all ok. It's hard to understand what I'm trying to do

  • If you have isotope then process it though Dialogue Isolate first on a moderate setting (i.e. separation stregth = 5, noise gain = -6/-9). This should push the noise down enough to allow the dialogue, not the noise ,to trigger the ducking. Don't duck more than 3/4 db's as that will sound really unnatural and draw attention to itself. Another alternative is to draw in the automation yourself, not that hard.

  • So 2 tracks. An there is a ghost track that's used only for ducking and muted during final mix. No way to do it without a ghost track?