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Fotga Rail Support
  • Does anybody have experience with this Fotga Rail Rod support system? (I have a mattebox and follow focus I'd like to use, but need some support for it.)




    **Available at:**
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  • I think it is not a bad thing.
    For the price not much competition exist.
    It is known for about half a year already.
    Also if you use long lenses it is advisable to use better lens support and two points camera base (not one point as here).

    You can check lanparte camera support in rig deals topic also.
  • I have the quick release plate version of this, and have no complaints.
  • @mrbill have you tried this with a shoulder rig?

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev In your view, what makes the Lanparte worth the extra money over the Fotga?
  • I own one (without quick release) and am quite pleased with it. It allows me to get the GH2 very near to standard lens height for 15mm studio rods so standard pro accessories work correctly. With a quick release plate or something added under the camera it would get everything to perfect height.

    Some rod support systems I saw had the mount points for putting the whole rig on a tripod directly under the camera mount, but once you add a hefty lens and a mattebox, it's better to have the mount points farther forward, as in this design. My rig balances extremely well on the mount points with a 14-54mm Olympus and a Genus mattebox.

    I bought mine from DHFoto on eBay, and while it took a while to arrive, was even better than I expected in terms of build quality given the price.
  • @Strangways Have you used this system handheld (with a shoulder support)? Thoughts?
  • @qwerty123 I use it on a previous generation DVtec DVRigPro that I've had kicking around for 7 years or so, and that works perfectly for me. It's probably faster for me switching the camera/rod support/mattebox as one unit between tripod/shoulder rig/Steadicam as one complete unit, rather than trying to add and remove handles and shoulder pads attached to the rods, but YMMV.
  • I use mine regularly with a shoulder rig made from catclaw components.
  • I have their rail support system plus a follow focus, quick release plate, and lens support. Excellent build quality. All metal (no plastic parts). The follow focus gearbox could have a tiny bit less play (but then it wouldn’t have any play at all and cost as much as the whole system).

    I’m actually considering getting their matte box, but haven’t found any reviews of it yet. I might take the plunge and purchase it myself at some point.

    I sometimes use it with a monopod folded all the way resting on my shoulder, and it creates a decent makeshift alternative to a fully fledged shoulder-mount system.

    @mrbill Thanks for the heads up for Catclaw components. Looks interesting.
  • Thanks all, useful information! The Catclaw components option looks decent.
  • >The Catclaw components option looks decent.

    No such thing as "Catclaw components " exist.
    This is just cheapest Chinese produced components from different factories.
    Made for this small seller.
  • Still looks very good with free shipping everywhere...
    @Vitaly Almost a year ago you mentioned very good carbon rods and I can´t find this thread now, can you please repost the linkfor it, or maybe you have some better ones now :)
    I remember they were sturdy and the site had this video where they don´t even bend under extreme pressure
  • Interesting. Cheap they may be, but the stuff is pretty well made
  • @mrbill can you show some pics of the Fotga setup with handles and a shoulder pad and / or the rig you use? Thanks!

  • If you follow my link, you'll get to the seller's shop, where there are photos of everything. I bought 2 sets of 15mm rails, a shoulder pad, a z-shift clamp to join the 2 sets of rails, and a couple of handles - already had a fotga dslr baseplate and follow focus. VK's post on rig parts will show you where to go if this guy doesn't stock it.

  • How can one mount this to a tripod? I don't see a standard tripod-screw threaded mount: just a plate with holes.

  • How can one mount this to a tripod? I don't see a standard tripod-screw threaded mount: just a plate with holes.

    If you look at photos, you'll see two 1/4" threaded holes and two 3/8" holes. Pretty enough for any tripod.

  • Thanks. I saw the holes, but didn't see any threading.

  • @Brian_Siano

    Do not worry, they are threaded :-)

  • Ha. :)

    Vitaliy, what do you think about this fotga in relation to the new small / cool $62 rig you posted about a few days ago?

    The Fotga currently sells for $64.28 including shipping. Seems to be a bit bulkier with longer rails:

  • @qwerty123

    Both look like good entry level bases.

  • @qwerty123 I found the Fotga for a couple of dollars less. Now I just have to decide if I need another set of rails.

  • I bought the Fotga baseplate, and it's great. Very solid construction, adjustable, and a nice quick release system. I only have two complaints after using it for three months: it is heavy, and the quick release seems to be a few millimeters wider than the quick release on my Ravelli tripod. I can still force it into the tripod mount, but it's not smooth at all. Of course this is only an issue when I want to disconnect the camera from my cage rig and mount it directly to the tripod, which I rarely do.

  • I went ahead and bought the rail system for my 2nd GH2.

    I'm not worried about the weight. I need the exercise.

  • I just received mine-- a rail system and follow-focus. Very nice piece of equipment. Now, if my tripod head could hold it more stably, I'd be very happy. Time to shop again...

  • I got mine also and yes, it's a little heavy but that's because it's just built sturdier. I was so impressed with it, I decided to get a Fotga follow focus also.