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Denoising Footage | Collection for Future Reference
  • Feel free to add to the post, didn't see a specific topic upon searching, sorry if there's one already. |

    That's one I just posted after people were inquiring. Hope to add Neat Video to it if I can get a license at some point.
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  • We bought neat video- not so much for noise reduction (as the AF100 is pretty clean at low ISOs). It is really good at NR, but we use mainly for sharpening. Most other built in sharpen filters in NLEs also sharpen the noise- but Neat (largely) avoids sharpeing noise at the same time. It has some pretty good presets that will reduce the noise and sharpen at the same time. It's very good at what it does IMO- my only gripe is that it is VERY picky when it comes to getting a noise profile. I can never seem to find a section of the frame where the CMYK is equal. It can get close though, but unless you have a blank wall in the frame- it's hard to get an exact match.
  • Kholi, if you haven't used Neat video before prepare to be surprised, it is that good. The fine tuning that can be done to set a profile initially is highly configurative.
  • I want to try it. Is there a batch function in the paid for version? What does it compress footage too? dPx or pro Res 4444?
  • @kholi

    There are very few applications where batch processing would be useful, besides, it doesn't operate as a stand alone software. It's a plugin to be used inside either Premiere, After Effects, or FCP. I suppose you could copy and paste the effect across a group of clips but you really should fine tune each clip. And since it is a plugin, it doesn't recompress.
  • Ahhh the old neat video was a stand alone. I had that one. Have used the new one.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Thomas Worth of Rarevision is working on including denoising in 5DtoRGb. I actually would prefer it happen in the conversion process to DPX to reduce any possibility of generational quality loss.
  • That sounds dandy. I would definitely look in to 5DtoRGB again if there was a 32 bit version.
  • @kholi I use NeatVideo with both AE (for finishing) and with VirtualDub, when batch processing is needed.
  • I found this old plugin and while I've never used neat video so I can't compare them, this plug-in is free, but it's only for Vegas. It works on Vegas Pro or Studio:

    It's called "Dynamic Noise Reduction" and it's 3 or 4 links down the page. Will work with HD footage, but you need to make sure it's not set to high or it could make the footage off and/or not have too much fast movement in the shot or it could also look choppy.
  • Kholi, if you want to clean all the clips on the timeline like say in Sony Vegas Pro, Edius etc, you can apply the plugin to the whole track before export. Or individually to each event if you don't. As i said above it does an amazing job on removing ANY type of noise, how much and which type is configurable by you. You have to look really really hard to see the effect on detail.
  • Another program with a good denoiser is Tmpgenc
    Nowhere as good as Neat Pro but handy if you have the program.
  • Thanks for the heads up guys.

    Just got a bit of a budget approval and I'll be grabbing 5DtoRGB Batch and Neat Video, will update the workflow pretty soon with a Neat Video version.
  • ColorGHear: cheaper, effective, does some color grading and other stuff...just sayin'...

    RAW NOISE.png
    1922 x 1079 - 1M
    CGT NOISE.png
    1925 x 1085 - 969K
    1923 x 1081 - 2M
    CGT GRADE.png
    1924 x 1083 - 2M
  • So I'd have to buy AE before your ColorGHear and… I'm bleeding and broke already. What can I do with FCPX?

  • @davhar at the moment, not much. But development on moving this type of system to other platforms is in the works. But I don't think you want to wait that long...could be quite a while.

  • @kholi, I can see absolutely no difference between these two images. I'm wondering if there's been a mix-up.

  • Is there a discussion that compares Neat Video to ColorGhear's noise reduction? I'm thinking of buying one of these, and they have relative strengths and weaknesses-- for example, ColorGhear offers great color correction tools and tutorials as well, but it works only in After Effects, while Neat Video works within Premiere Pro. So I'd like to know how they compare to each other, as far as noise reduction goes.