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Removu K1 4K Gimbal
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    • F2.8 wide angle lens
    • 4K at 30FPS
    • 12MP photos
    • 3-axis gimbal
    • built-in LCD screen
    • 4-way joystick
    • 4 hours continuous filming on a single charge
    • 3.5mm mike jack


    LAS VEGAS (January 4, 2018)-- REMOVU will showcase the brand's first camera, the REMOVU K1 self-stabilizing 4K hand-held camera, at CES 2018. The camera will be on display and available to demo at the REMOVU booth (South Hall 4- #36722) January 9-12 in Las Vegas.

    The K1 was designed to address shortcomings the REMOVU team recognized in the hand-held camera market. The result is the first 4K camera with a 3-axis gimbal and a built-in LCD screen, offering a portable, all-in-one, user-friendly solution for anyone looking to document their adventures and memorable moments.

    Capture Stunning Footage and Photos

    The REMOVU K1 allows users to capture life's moments in stunning 4K @ 30FPS or take beautiful 12MP still photos. K1 is equipped with a 3-axis stabilizing gimbal, ensuring super clear images and smooth, stable footage without the shakiness and blur that commonly occurs with other solutions on the market. K1 also has a 4-way joystick that allows user to control the camera's position and a custom designed F2.8 wide angle lens to ensure everything makes it in the shot. REMOVU will also be launching the K1 mobile app for iOS and Android which will allow users to control the device remotely.

    All-In-One Compact Solution

    Unique to K1 is a 1.5" LCD screen built right into the device's handgrip. With the screen, users can easily preview their shot or play back recorded videos and photos. Other solutions on the market require the use of a smartphone or remote viewfinder, adding accessories, bulk and weight to the device. Eliminating the need for added accessories keeps the K1 lightweight, coming in at only 340g. The built-in features and controls also make the camera easy to use with a single hand and ideal for packing and traveling.

    Never Miss a Moment

    K1 is equipped with a powerful, interchangeable smart battery, providing up-to 4 hours of continuous filming on a single charge. To recharge, all that is needed is a USB charger; no bulky charging cradles are required. Users can also record video or take photos while charging the smart battery. K1 also has a high-quality built-in microphone that captures audio while recording video. To further enhance audio quality, users can also take advantage of the 3.5mm jack to connect K1 to an external microphone. A high-sensitivity omni-directional microphone is available in the K1 Accessory Kit.

    Your Adventures with a Unique Point of View

    K1 has four different modes to help user turn their adventures into a movie, including pan mode, follow mode, motion time-lapse mode and selfie mode. With the camera's 50-centimeter focal lens, users can get up close for the perfect selfie, using the trigger on the back of the K1 handgrip for a quick shot. K1 can also capture super slow-motion in full HD at 120FPS.

    The REMOVU team possesses an extensive background in the imaging space. All products are designed by a team of in-house engineers with previous experience developing digital cameras and camcorders for Samsung Electronics, with Haesung Optics serving as the brand's majority owner. In 2015, the successful Indiegogo launch of the REMOVU S1, the world's first rainproof 3-axis gimbal stabilizer with a detachable remote controller, helped put the brand on the map and gain recognition as a leading GoPro accessories provider.

    The REMOVU K1 retails at $429 and is currently available for preorder at The camera will be available for purchase at and select retailers in February.

    800 x 807 - 67K
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