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Portable raid solution
  • I’ve been editing with 2012 MacBook Pro I7-16gb ram, using ssd external as scratch disk thru usb3 port. I was looking to speed up my work. Would a portable SSD raid be a solution ? Like this?
    Any cheap but work recommend would be appreciated.

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  • @tinbeo

    No, it is waste of money.

    Any normal single SSD disc speed is more than speed of USB 3 port.

  • @ Vitaliy_Kiselev 2 ssd in that enclosure raid 0 is my plan would help to speed it up?

  • @tinbeo


    If you want, you can get larger SSD. But it won't speed up anything also, just will be more space.

  • Since that box seems to implement RAID in hardware, it's even possible that it will be a little bit slower than a single SSD (though RAID 0 is simple enough that it probably won't be). Otherwise, a device like that would be more useful for a portable RAID 1 to keep multiple copies of files that you care about.