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Eye-Fi Pro 2X
  • I just wanted to verify that this card works with cbrandin's 66mbps patch. It just wirelessly transferred a 11 second static clip to my MacBook Pro via wifi. Looks like transfers on set will be a lot faster and automatic. I will do more testing with the hacked GH2 with different patches soon, as well as whether or not it works with my AF100. Updates to come soon.
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  • Just did a quick test with my AF100. It seems to work with that as well.
  • Note for Mac people using FCP7 or earlier:

    The Eye-Fi wireless transfer will not keep the original file structure. You'll have to do your post a bit differently. You'll need to install the Panasonic AVCHD quicktime plugin and do the transcoding in compressor. It's just as fast, just a different process.

    Panasonic AVCHD quicktime plugin:
  • thanks for the tip. never new this existed. also now i know I have a distant cousin somewhere with a similar name, lol
  • Interesting. I thought Eye-Fi would be a nice way to transfer RAW photos between strobist shots.
  • Interesting, so does it only transfer the MTS file?
  • I use the eye-fi card with a GH2 which works a treat with my Galaxy Tab, have even used it to send MTS video files directly to YouTube.

    It can be set to transfer video and/or photo files, a little slow on MTS transfer and does eat a little more battery but I recommend setting the card to "Protected files option" this allows you to select which files on the GH2 to transfer or you end up waiting in a queue sending everything over.
  • @Felix

    Have you been able to transfer .MTS files with the "Protected files option" on? My understanding is that the write protection for MTS works differently and it will only work in the upload everything mode. Is that not the case now?

    Here is the comment where Eye-Fi said it won't work in the Protected files only mode.