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Merry Christmas!

  • Matches VK's snow theme...
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  • Merry Christmas to you all!
  • And from Driftwood... Been a bad start to Christmas, just had my Sony laptop & other gear nicked from our office, all the other offices ransacked too... Bastards!
    S'pose I'll get over it; merry chrimbo all.
  • Sorry to hear that, @driftwood! But I hope you still have a good one, and everyone else on P-V too.
  • We really need GPS tracking in our laptops. Merry Christmas.
  • Happy Festivus everyone!

  • Merry Christmas everybody
  • Feliz Navidad a todos¡ Merry christmas to all

  • sorry to hear that driftwood, its hard taking a loss like that right in the middle of celebration time. Best wishes for the new year to all at PV.
  • Marry Christmas!!
  • Merry Christmas to all !!!
  • @Driftwood Bummer. Someone locall had some laptop software which took a photo of the user when the machine had been stolen and used, and sent that and the location - and the thief was caught. Clever stuff. But merry Christmas anyway and thanks for your help with all this camera stuff, everyone!
  • Ho Ho Hooo
  • A little Christmas music to brace us for the New Gear

  • i haven't really posted here all that much, but i've read most of the posts on this site - it's a true treasure of the world to have it. i've learned an incredible amount about some of the more technical aspects of filmmaking, which is something i've been interested in for some time but haven't had the opportunity to engage in the practice of. recently, that has changed, and the gh2, @vitaliy_kiselev's hack, @driftwood's endless work + settings and all of the rest of you are responsible (even @perrywilson, who i am sure is out there somewhere, with some other name).

    merry christmas!