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  • Hey guys, per discussions that were going on in the GH2 Hack thread on DVX here's a very rough draft of the chart I was talking about to help keep all the info organized. When developers are ready to release a new or beta patch they can download the latest version of the "Patch Vault Summary" excel file, populate the applicable cells, then send to the person who'll update the master (apply the developers changes), then upload the new version to the thread superseding the previous version. The new patch can be uploaded after the summary has been updated, or before.

    As stated this is a very rough draft and I'm expecting revisions will be needed in the columns regarding nomenclature, additional pertinent info, etc. I encourage the developers and of course Vitaliy to chime in and request for any additional columns/rows as they see fit or even reformatting for viewer legibility.

    Once the final version has been approved by Vitaliy and developers, the thread containing the excel summary should be locked from public comments. If changes are needed, inquiries can be sent to the moderator of the thread.
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  • Well done brother!
  • How about joining FAQ team?
    As all this files... Hard to find and use.

    We have FAQ at

    Register, and I'll approve you as author after short time.
  • Awesome.
  • I second that @Vitaliy_Kiselev very useful to have someone who has the time to dedicate to authoring. and I'll fill in all the gaps for Driftwood patches. Good work @Farinheight
  • Thanks guys. I think this will greatly increase the comfort levels of directors/DPs who have heard great things about this cam.

    I can help out. Vitaliy, sorry for the dumb question, but what do you mean by "register" and how do I go about doing so? Do you mean register as a moderator?

    Yes please fill in the gaps and correct any info that was input incorrectly if any. You can choose to include ALL your patches or the ones you feel best represent your work. If there are additional columns you feel should be added let me know. I'm also going to add a "settings" column with the appropriate letter for that particular patch.

    Is it possible to wrangler all the developers and have them supply a list of all their reliable patches along with the basic info needed to populate the chart?

    Also, if I could ask all developers to contact me whenever there is an update released or maybe send me an updated chart you filled out with your new patch(s) and I'll update the master for distribution.

    Ideally I'd like to organize the most recent patches at the top of the list so even finding out chronological order for when the patches were launched would be great!

    We will start with the GH2 patches, then on to the GH1 patches. I do have a quick question which anyone can answer...

    Are there patches that HAVE to be used with certain versions of pTool or is that not a factor? For example, is it ok to use an older patch (created during earlier versions of ptools) with 3.63?

    I assume it's fine to an extent and I've successfully utilized a couple patches created well before 3.63 so I may have answered my own question but I wanted to make sure there are no adverse side affects. Using older patch settings in newer ptools.

  • @ farinheight People like yourself that are really good at Information Aggregation are few and far between. Thanks
  • >I can help out. Vitaliy, sorry for the dumb question, but what do you mean by "register" and how do I go about doing so?

    Look at top menu, click on FAQs, click register and register as Wiki user.
    I'll promote you to author manually.
  • Hi, Vitaliy I was not aware of the existence of this FAQ. This is great news! (Is Personal view going against its traditional position of not spoon feeding? haha!)
    I am also willing to spend some time filling it up if needed. Let us know what sections are needed and I can try to write it down.

    PS: Merry Christmas to you all.
  • No problems, register on Wiki.
  • Good idea!
    Is it already on the wiki?

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev @Farinheight for a similar idea I was nearly shot a month a go ;)
    Times change!

    Merry xmas
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Done. Wiki username: phenixone
    Let me know when it's ready for me to edit.

    Merry Christmas!
    Joyeux Noël!
  • I think I already approved you.
  • Just some suggestions:

    Arrange the patches in order of Highest quality/bitrate to lowest(or vice versa) in the spreadsheet.

    Maybe also use sub categories as well for patches that are derivatives of others, like Terraquake is of Seaquake, etc.
  • Any chance the Patch Vault Summary Chart will be updated soon?

  • Thanks for both the Vault Summary and the FAQ. Not being on the edge of full Intra Mega bitrate ultra fast card settings, it's a bit hard to get around here. Both your post and the Wiki help a lot. I hope you keep it up to date. :)