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Microsoft: Story of idiots
  • Start from Outlook, this guys plan to destroy it.

    Outlook interface is loaded with buttons you probably aren't using, and it generally isn't as intuitive or fluid as the mobile and web versions. Thankfully, Microsoft knows this -- and it's planning a revamp that could give the email and calendar app a breath of fresh air. Microsoft recently previewed Outlook redesigns for Mac and Windows that are nearly as clean and intuitive as their mobile counterparts. You can still have a customizable "ribbon" at the top, but it's stripped down and less intimidating to newcomers. The navigation panel (on the left) also takes its cues from Outlook's mobile apps, making it much easier to switch folders or entire accounts.

    I really think we need to do something to journalists who write all this, as well as ban any design and development rights for people who made it.

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  • Progress is clearly visible:


    735 x 489 - 50K
  • Young smartphones generation wants to have menus consisting from icons and having horrible usage of space

  • Microsoft plans to remove all of the carbon dioxide it has ever released into the atmosphere by 2050, it announced today. The company committed to becoming carbon negative by 2030, meaning that it plans to draw down more planet-heating carbon dioxide than it emits.

    This is new low.

  • New File Explorer


    Written in javascript, 10x slower, 10x size of current, 1/10 of features.