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Will Panasonic launch 4k camcorders like Canon and Sony?
  • Panasonic does not like to be behind competitors. Since VHS era Panasonic used to launch lots of products to allow the low budget people and prosumer market to be full of options. What about now, 2017/2018 ? Will Panasonic launch 4k big sensor camcorders?

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  • Panasonic never really had AX100 niche products.

    And now they seems to aim at very high margin products.

  • Are the UX90, UX180 and DVX200 out of your range? I think those would be your best bet for a cheaper, moderately large sensor camcorder

  • So Panasonic did it much earlier than Sony and Canon.

  • I've been using the budget 4K camcorders from Panasonic off and on for several years, the prosumer ones are cheap and fairly sharp. Color is slightly better than the GH cameras, but noise is sometimes a problem. Not quite as sharp as the ax100. Would like to see an upgrade to these portable camcorders.

  • @DrDave which models are you using?

  • vx981, but I prefer the ax100 from Sony.

  • Even considering the cheap consumer 4k camcorders, the G7 M43 body is still cheaper.

  • Sure, I have three G7s and the kit lens was a real bargain. Sharpness is very good, low light is good, the color is not so good. The GX85 or the G85 have IS and a bit better picture and color, the GX 85 is also a bargain. I prefer the LCD and dials on the G7. Waiting for the $500 G85, it's only a matter of time..... There's also the HCX1000, it might drop in price, but smallish sensor. still overpriced at 2.5K. But good length on the lens.

  • @DrDave

    And YI M1 exist :-)