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Capture One color issue with Stills
  • I have been having an issue with my Panasonic G85 shooting stills and processing with Capture One. When highlights get blown out the rolloff from the blown out high light on peoples faces goes to a sickly yellow on edges and sometimes the skin tone looks mottled. Oddly I tried using other profiles like GH4 with similar results which leads me to believe it is a problem with more than just the G85 color transform. I have sent samples to Phase One and the final answer was "I will pass on to R&D for re-profiling consideration". I figure if anyone else is experiencing the problem submitting it to Phase One may make it a priority. I processed the same file with Affinity photo and did not have the color issue.

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  • Well, just complex algorithm. May be some profiles bug.

  • @MikeLinn Tutorial is nice but doesn't really deal with what was the problem. That being said Phase One did make changes and the problem went away with a recent update glad to report.