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Stuffs I made
  • A smattering of projects I've graded using ColorGHear, along with my first feature as DP which was shot on an unhacked GH2 have hit the market this summer.

    Love or War [Director of Photography] GH2 -- (really wish they'd come to me for color on this - At Best Buy and Walmart and Amazon)

    Vigilante Diaries [colorist] Red Epic (on HBO right now)

    Last Man Club [Colorist and Post Production Supervisor] Red Epic (Streaming now on Showtime next month)

    "3" - [Colorist] Red Epic (They went cheap on the lenses, which is why it looks like video - but never the less Nominated for Best picture at WHFF)

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  • A note on "Vigilante Diaries" - if you've seen the film, and are confused by the tonal shift midway through, I had graded the full feature which had a deal in place, but fell through as they were shooting a sequel. So they added some names to get distribution (Michael Jai White primarily) and then cut the new footage in to make a better film. I hadn't seen it until just recently, but essentially I graded the first half of the film (minus anything with MJW or set in Iraq). I wasn't available for color when they were posting the 2nd one so they went with a post house to grade the rest. They couldn't figure out how to get the footage to match mine, and asked me to release my Resolve file to them for free. When I refused my credit was changed to "Additional Colorist". This business is fun!

    Most of the trailer is from my footage (cuz it looks better)