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Vertical video revolution
  • Help!

    I need good arguments or an elegant solution if somebody has had the same problem.

    A client just asked me to do a vertical video campaign -supposedly vertical videos are getting better performance on social networks...

    I googled and got THIS;

    and this, and there is plenty more..

    It looks as they all agree that vertical video is the way of the future ( gulp ).

    I know it will be limited to phones only, but the sole idea makes me scared.

    Will we have to fight for horizontal on every commercial project? Will we all have to shoot central composition and do the phone versions of EVERY video? Are u already doing it?

    How do u approach this issue?

    Thx in advance.


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  • F&ck That Sh&t.

    We need to defend ourselves from the path of least resistance / thought bubble / lack of long term vision culture. Its not about cheap and nasty right now but video production with design that can be watched tomorrow or in 10 years and still look good.

    Beware the digital marketing experts that spruik all this crap - traditional media (radio and TV) is actually doing better than it is given credit for.

  • We just shoot twice. Horizontal & Vertical. It takes twice as long. We make twice the income. We are happy. Client is happy. If they refuse to shoot twice we refuse the job. So far most clients have returned to us after others have tried to shoot once and reformat for the other aspect.

  • Of course it's the future! Because all those kids with digital dementia will be lying sideways on their bed and watch phones horizontally ;-)

  • I have helped managed many YouTube channels over the years and many of them have thousands of subscribers. By looking at the statistics of one of the sites for the last 30 days of views, I can see 70 percent came from smartphones, 20 from tablets, 4.9 for TV, 5.5 for computer, etc. Most of the audience from this particular channel is from Asian countries. Only 4% is from the US and Canada combined. For my personal channel that 54 percent coming from the US and Canada combined, 40% is from the computers, 38 percent is from smartphones and 13% is from tablets. If we were to combine tablets and smartphones together, that would mean more people are watching YouTube videos on portable devices than on computers or TV.

    As time goes on, the percentage of people watching videos on portable devices will grow even more.

    Shooting a video of an event one day, I saw a lady who was taking videos of the same event and she complained to her friend that she's having trouble getting everyone in the frame. She was shooting vertically and I went up to her to say that it'll be better if you shoot it horizontally. She then took my advice and got surprised.

  • @caveport - good one, will think about that .. for now I managed to bounce the attack by explaining to them that everything shoot horizontally is not TV proof for the future. They decided to go with horizontal. :)))))

  • Im allready making verticalical videos for publicity. We are now managing 3 types if requests.

    Youtube version wich is 16:9

    Facebook version which is 1:1

    Wassup version wich is 4:3

    Fuck mee, am doing this.crazy renders adapting all 16:9 footage every time. Wasting time and resourses. This is very recent like 6 months early.

    They dont want to pay extra for each render since they say its for digital only. Before we use to make for tv versions. Channel copys on betacam from wich i charged $50 then cd $20, then dvds $20 then its usb with formats for tv and digital distribution $20

    Now ItItors, wetranssfer for sake its all for ''digital'' with the excuse.that since its not for aired tv or cable must be cheaper cos ''its for digital distribution only.''

    Its madness.