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HDMI Lock Solutions with/without cages
  • Hi, I am going to use this solution in order have some sort of audio monitoring for my G85.

    But as the micro HDMI port on the G85 (Sony Alpha 6500 and many other cams have the same issue I tihnk) is not locking nor looking very strong I am looking for a simple/leightweight solution. I have already tried the Smallrig cage w HDMI lock, but it seems like adding up too much bulk and makes handholding the camera unpleasent due to the metal finish. There maybe some other solutions which would protect the port in a handheld documentary situation, some space to fix the new sound devices would be really nice of course :) Lockport is a nice solution but not available for the models. Any ideas?

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  • @Orkan

    I believe we had discussion and mentioned better option for headphone thing.

    You can use L shaped bracket for camera that have cable fix option. But considering all cables and thing, you better off with very light cage.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev whats that better option for hearphone with G85? I read someone saying a "chromecast method", but i can't understand how.

  • Thanks!!