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Good quote: On organisation
  • In its struggle for power the proletariat has no other weapon but organisation. Disunited by the rule of anarchic competition in the bourgeois world, ground down by forced labour for capital..., the proletariat can, and inevitably will, become an invincible force only through its ideological unification on the principles of Marxism being reinforced by the material unity of organisation, which welds millions of toilers into an army of the working class... The senescent rule of international capital won't be able to withstand this army. It will more and more firmly close its ranks, in spite of all zigzags and backward steps, in spite of the opportunist phrase-mongering of the Girondists of present-day Social-Democracy, in spite of the self-satisfied exaltation of the retrograde circle spirit, and in spite of the tinsel and fuss of intellectualist anarchism.

    V. Lenin

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  • This Lenin character really does seem to have all the answers for the current situation. Why haven't they banned all his writing yet? : ) Not to mention any names lol.

  • @maxdvz

    Banning things in modern society is last thing to do. Best tech now is to throw at you various bullshit so you'll sink in it.

    But they are preparing for total banning also.