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Micro 4/3 lens doubler
  • I have a project coming up where I'll be buying a doubler for my lenses. I want to try to avoid buying a Nikon doubler, and Olympus OM doubler, etc. I want to buy a Micro 4/3 doubler, if they exist, so it covers all my lenses. Do they make such a thing?
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  • Do you mean a teleconverter? If yes, then no.
  • just get ordinary tele converter with screw mount. then get adapter-rings for all your lenses. done. simples. :)
  • @itimjim
    Yeah teleconverter. I come from a film background, so I'm used to calling them doublers.

    I'm unaware of what is needed. When/if you get a chance, could you post a link to what you are talking about.
  • @brian202020, I think @fatpig means get a teleconverter that screws into the front of your lens, not a back teleconverter like the Canon EF x1.4 and 2x.
  • Oh ok. No, going that way will not work for me. I know 4/3 has teleconverters. I know the flange distance is different, but are the 4/3 and M4/3 mounts the same? I don't care if the electronics work.
  • No, 4/3 and micro4/3 lens mounts are not the same. Different lens to body spacing, different bayonet, and different electronics. Yes, there are 4/3 teleconverters from Olympus, but they are not compatible with micro4/3, even with adapters. Nobody makes micro4/3 teleconverters. This is an untapped market as far as I am concerned. I would love a 2x teleconverter to add to the 100-300mm zoom for great bird photography.

    Best option is to get old manual Canon FD lenses and use the FD 2x and 1.4x teleconverters. They are inexpensive and of high optical quality. I use mine on a Canon FD 500mm f4.5 L lens. Really spectacular results, but a big heavy outfit to carry. Heavy tripod is manditory.