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IMX183CLK-J/CQJ-J new 20mp sony sensor for the new rx's

    Supports 20.48M-pixel readout at 21.98 frame/s in 12-bit mode
    Supports all-pixel global reset (use with mechanical shutter)
    Supports 4K video mode (4096H × 2160V, 10-bit mode, 59.94 frame/s)
    Supports a variety of readout modes such as 10-bit high-speed all-pixel readout, 12-bit high-resolution readout, and vertical arbitrary cropping
    High-sensitivity back-illuminated structure 2.4 µm square unit pixel with a proven record in products for security camera and industrial applications

    Table 1 Device Structure Item IMX183CLK-J/CQJ-J Output image size Diagonal 15.86 mm (Type 1) aspect ratio 3:2 Number of effective pixels 5544 (H) × 3694 (V) approx. 20.48M pixels Unit cell size 2.4 µm (H) × 2.4 µm (V) Optical blacks Horizontal Front: 48 pixels, rear: 0 pixels Vertical Front: 16 pixels, rear: 0 pixels Input drive frequency 72 MHz Output Interface Sub-LVDS (576 Mbps / ch, Max.10 ch) *1 Package 118-pin LGA Supply voltage VDD (Typ.) 2.9 V / 1.8 V / 1.2 V

    *1 Sensor slave mode only. Table 2 Image Sensor Characteristics Item Value Remarks Sensitivity (monochrome) Typ. [F8] 388 mV 1/30s accumulation G Sensitivity (color) Typ. [F5.6] 461 mV 1/30s accumulation Saturation signal Min. 942 mV Tj = 60 °C Table 3 Basic Drive Mode Drive mode Recommended number of recording pixels Frame rate [frame/s] ADC [bit] All-pixel scan (12 bit) *1 5472 (H) × 3648 (V) 21.98 12 All-pixel scan (10 bit) *1 5472 (H) × 3648 (V) 24.98 10 Type 1/1.4 approx.9.03M-Pixel (approx. 17:9) (10 bit) 4096 (H) × 2160 (V) 59.94 10 Vertical Arbitrary Cropping (10 bit) *2 5472 (H) × 1802 (V) to 5472 (H) × 3648 (V) 24.98 over 10

    *1 These modes can be used together with the global reset shutter function. *2 In vertical arbitrary cropping area from type 1 approx. 20.48M pixels (3:2) all-pixel scan area is readout with 10-bit output.

    *Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation reserves the right to change products and specifications without prior notice. This product is designed for consumer use applications, so the quality and reliability of the product are also the consumer use application range. This quality and reliability range should be kept in mind when using this product for other than consumer use applications.

    The IMX183CQJ-J/CLK-J 20.48M-pixel CMOS image sensors have been newly developed for customers desiring image sensors with multi pixel for industrial applications. We developed both a color product (IMX183CQJ-J) and a monochrome product (IMX183CLK-J), and hope that customers will consider adopting these products for various applications.

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