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Any cheap AF zoom lens for GH1?
  • Thanks to Vitaliy - many of us have been able to hack a GH1 (even the recently untouchable unhackable model). So thanks to him first of all. For a DSLR nooB it's a great feat :-) Ok actually its a great feat by Vitaliy.

    Now I gotta find a lens that is cheap, future-proof and hopefully able to keep focus during HD shoots.
    I've just started reading a whole lot of stuff about adapters and different kinds of lens - nikon/olympus/tokina/canon FD and my head is spinning already.
    So any suggestions for a good cheap lens adapter and a decent zoom lens upto 200/300/400mm?

    Thanks in advance and for the great job Vitaliy and the community is doing.
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  • First, you must specify tasks you want to use your lens for.
    Next, you must understand that LBA (lens Buying Addiction) is very dangerous.
    Last, you do not need every lens, start using that you have (I mean 14-42mm zoom) .
    You cal also read . I do not agree with many things in this article, but simplicity is good thing.
  • Thanks the reply Vitaliy.
    I agree with the principle of simplicity. Hence I've not had a dslr all these years. I truly believe/believed that the only good camera is the one u can carry. So when wife really wanted one - I went with one of the smaller ones (gh1) that also offer good video(not to mention good value - I got mine WITH lens for $375 with panny EPP).
    I also agree with LBA. I just need one zooms lens as I love outdoors and stock 14-42 just won't cut it for object a bit farther. I will start using 14-42 and am not/won't be in a rush to buy a zoom, and definitely do NOT want to pay more than what I paid for the camera :-)
    In your vast exp. with lens - what would you recommend for a decent auto focusing zoom to be used for outdoors/nature - and even more importantly one that won't break the bank.
    - Thanks again.
    By the way - Rocket Singh was a great movie.
  • Panasonic only has three suitable zooms:
    14-140mm slow apertures, fastest AF and optimized for video
    45-200mm, quite cheap, good AF, but it is hardly suitable as one lense.
    100-300mm, fast AF, not cheap, and definitely needs shorter lens.

    Most probably your lens is 14-140mm. May be some pancakes for indoor shooting.

    You can just get 18-250mm Tamron zoom in Nikon mount, for example, mount it via adapter, shot using manual focus only and look at that focal length you shoot the most, and choose corresponding lens.