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GH5 Focus Transition things to come
  • With the addition of GH5 Focus transition, (a feature borrowed from the AG-DVX200) this has got me thinking:

    • Focus Transition really only works well for lenses that don't breath- or breath minimally.

    • Possibly Panasonic may realise that there is a market for Video Centric MFT lenses

    • Panasonic will have to come out with more Video Centric glass to really utilise this feature. Also ParFocal Zooms would be nice!

    • If Panasonic created a USB-C follow focus protocol (with accompanying hardware- or allowed other companies to make) it would make me much more interested in native Panasonic glass.

    • If Panasonic are 'not' interested in making more Video Centric MFT glass then why put this feature into the GH5 at all? I'm sure it was not simple to code this into the firmware of 'fly-by-wire' lenses.

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  • Focus Transition really only works well for lenses that don't breath- or breath minimally.

    If you look at real films you'll be surprised how frequently lenses have significant breathing.

  • That's why I mentioned to breath minimally. Some lenses are shockers though. A little bit of breathing can be a good thing.

  • Focusing with joystick would be useful. It would be easier and more stable than using focus ring. It should have different speeds and smooth start/stop.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev mind you, I'm not worried too much about focus breathing, I am actually seriously considering the Voigtlander Nokton lens kit. (which breath a little bit)

  • @alcomposer "ParFocal Zooms would be nice!"

    Mirrorlessons mentioned in their video review of the PL 8-18mm that both it and the PL 12-60mm are parfocal. I can't speak for the UWA but the 12-60 seems to exhibit that behavior.

  • I don't know if Panasonic lenses are ParFocal by design, or simply a trick of the inner focus motor. If it is usable for documentation then I'm in. I have just been blown away by the Fuji 18-55. That thing is not made by humans!

  • Bluetooth controller attached to tripod handle for iris, focus and start/stop is what I have in my mind. Add to that 3 buttons for focus transition presets.

  • If Panasonic developed a propper remote for the GH5 it would open up lots of possibilities for this camera.

  • Does anone know if there are plans to implement this in the Panasonic Image App? Its the perfect feature for the app, it would make gimbal work a whole lot better.