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GoPro Fusion VR 360 5.7K camera
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    • 5.2K30 and 3K60 Spherical Video
    • 18MP Spherical Photo
    • GoPro App Compatible
    • OverCapture Allows for Traditional Video Creation from 360 Footage
    • Advanced Stabilization
    • 360 Audio
    • Waterproof to 16ft (5m)
    • Time Lapse Video + Photo, Night Lapse and Burst Modes
    • Voice Control in 10 Languages
    • GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Compass
    • WiFi + Bluetooth
    • $1000 price

    • OverCapture – Allows to use the 360 video to create a traditional 16:9 video in 1080p resolution, with full control of the perspective.

    • Protune mode: You can set ISO limit and set exposure compensation (+/- 2.0EV).

    • Waterproof up to 16 feet.

    • Voice control similar to GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session.

    • GPS location tagging

    • Quikcapture: In standby by pressing the shutter button you can quickly capture the moment. Camera automatically wake up the camera and begin recording. Alternatively, you can hold down the shutter button from standby to use Quikcapture with a time lapse photo.

    • Video highlights: You can bookmark highlights in your videos.

    • Intervalometer. The intervals can be as short as 0.5 second to as long as 60 seconds. There is also a separate night lapse photo mode that can take sequential photos with long exposures. This can help create photos of star trails.

    • Voice activated remote: Fusion is compatible with the Remo waterproof voice activated remote for the Hero5 Black.

    • Recording while charging. The side door can be removed to make it easier to connect a USB cable while recording.

    • TWO micro SD cards slots.

    They opened pilot program now at

    614 x 400 - 12K
    712 x 545 - 32K
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    800 x 543 - 52K
    800 x 719 - 58K
    800 x 701 - 57K
  • It has to be seriously good to save them

  • Specs and top post updated.

  • They released list of compatible Android phones

    • Asus ZenFone AR
    • Google Pixel / Pixel XL
    • Google Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL
    • LG V30
    • Motorola Moto Z / Moto Z Force
    • Motorola Moto Z2 Force
    • Samsung Galaxy Note8
    • Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge
    • Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+
    • ZTE Axon 7
  • Stabilization comparison

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    GoPro is offering a $150 Credit Towards Purchase of a GoPro Fusion 360 when you Trade-in a Qualifying GoPro or Digital Camera. Includes 2x 32GB SanDisk Extreme microSDHC Cards

  • GoPro is launching a public beta for our spherical camera, Fusion, that introduces all-new experiences across Fusion, Fusion Studio and Fusion Adobe plug-ins in the biggest update since launching in 2018.

    So what's the resolution? The public beta Firmware v2.0 enables a new 5.8K capture resolution that, when stitched, produces 5.6K spherical footage---the most cinematic quality Fusion has produced yet. In fact, the cinematic improvements don't end there. This new resolution is now supported at 24fps, marking a Fusion first to incorporate seamlessly with TV and film productions.

    There are a few more big-ticket updates, like a 5.6K/24fps time lapse mode and longer night/time lapse photo intervals, but beyond firmware, this public beta improves the full GoPro spherical content creation ecosystem with updates to Fusion Studio and new 2019-compatible Adobe Premiere and After Effects plug-ins.

    Find the full release notes below, and access the public beta firmware here.* The GoPro Support Hub also has more in-depth support for using this Fusion public beta platform.

    New Firmware v2.0 (Beta):

    • New 5.6K/24fps video mode (captured at 5.8K resolution and stitched to 5.6K).
    • New 5.6K/24fps time lapse video mode.
    • RAW photo support for night and time lapse modes with intervals of 5 seconds or longer.
    • General bug fixes.

    New Fusion Studio v1.4 (Beta): 

    • Adds 5.6K exports for the new higher resolution 24fps mode.
    • Adds support for importing time lapse photo from sub-folder folders, when using Adobe Lightroom rendered GPR RAW time/night lapse sequences.
    • Adds a preference control to import long videos in separate chapters for faster imports.
    • Adds support for importing Fusion clips without .LRV files.
    • Improved stabilization quality for all modes (particularly for 24fps).
    • Improved stitch quality for videos with large exposure differences between front and back lenses.
    • Enhanced image processing to improve outputs for all modes.

    New Adobe Premiere CC 2019 and Adobe After Effects CC 2019 plug-ins:

    • Updated GoPro VR plug-ins for compatibility with Adobe Premiere CC 2019 and Adobe After Effects CC 2019.

  • No improvement.

    So still time to kill the Fusion.


    "Besides serving as a treat for Fusion owners, the beta sends a message: GoPro is still committed to its VR video camera. That isn't completely surprising when company chief Nick Woodman casually confirmed a Fusion 2 camera during a press party at CES, but the firmware serves as tangible proof -- it's not just dabbling in 360-degree content."

  • Interview

    PCMag: You've continued to evolve Fusion, now with new firmware, in beta, which adds 24fps and increases output resolution. How long until we see new hardware?

    Woodman: We've learned a lot with Fusion. Primarily that people who are buying 360 cameras are interested in what they can do beyond just creating spherical content for VR consumption. What people are most interested in is creating traditional non-VR content, using the 360 capabilities to capture and create effects that otherwise wouldn't be possible with a traditional camera.

    We are very focused on exploiting the full capabilities of Fusion and then some with what we're developing next. I can't share anything about form factor or any specifics, but what I can tell you is that since the beginning we've said Fusion is a development platform to get to what comes next. You should expect some pretty significant innovation in what comes next.