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Sthefany Absoluta
  • The shining star from the country side of Brazil culture, backwoods pop singer:

    "One, two, three, I need you! Who is my hero? Who comes to help me?"

    "I do not care about what people talks about me, talk bad or good, but talk about me!"

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  • Seriously... Use your time to post something interesting...

  • Interesting is subjective...

  • Sthefany´s mother was a "forró" singer, and started to produce her child to music career

    She became succesful with the music "Cross Fox" or "I am Sthefany" where she hang out alone driving the Cross Fox car borrowed from her neighbor to surpass a frustration with a delayed boyfriend.

    The video clip got millions of views on youtube and then a tv show invites her to sing, and the car manufaturer gave her one brand new car, same model of videoclip and invited her to sing in the factory for the employees.

    She married a country businesman 50 years old and then she become a gospel singer. She went to the wedding riding a donkey.