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Using GH4 + Shogun for commercial greenscreen production - Our experience
  • I am usually just consuming content on this excellent forum, so I thought it's time to give something back.

    We just finished a commercial film production and thought I share some insights on why we have chosen to shoot this with the GH4. Our key requirements have been

    1. 10Bit 4k capability (greenscreen project!)
    2. Light weight (we had challeging camera angles and limited budget for rigging => e.g. birdeye shots with shitty rig)
    3. Long battery life (we didn't want to add external battery solutions => our rig had very low weight limitations)
    4. Problem free (e.g. no overheating)

    So after long discussions choosing between Sony A7s II and GH4, we decided to use the latter one and I don't regret this decision.

    We had a lot of challenges but they have not been regarding camera choice, more related to the customers corporate colors (yellow turning green in shadows) and lighting the massive greenscreen. The only real challenge on the GH4 for us was the shitty HDMI port but we solved that with adding a Zacuto Port Protector (without that, it would have been a nightmare!).

    But judge for yourself, feedback welcome! (note: the project required massive effort in post production)

    1698 x 950 - 323K
    2228 x 1256 - 384K
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