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Lenses for GH4 on Zhiyun Crane?
  • Hi all,

    I've been super on the fence between getting a Ronin M or a Zhiyun Crane. I think I'm leaning towards the crane because it's much more portable realistically enabling more shooting freedom.

    I know I unfortunately won't be able to use my lovely Sigma 18-35mm due to the size, so was wondering - which lenses do you all use on your GH4/crane set up and for what scenarios?

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  • 7-14 and 12-35mm.

    unfortunately 7-14 has no OIS. 12-35 extends so balance shifts and you may need to rebalance.

  • Yes the ability to use the sigma 18-35 is what I would miss about the Crane

  • Yeah, it's heartbreaking! I'm not really sure which lenses to use for what with a gimbal, I guess I'll focus and keep distance, but should I go wide?