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PWM(S.Bus)+LANC+DC12V BMMCC Angle Breakout Expansion Box Module
  • Hi there! As you may know i'm a developer of Angle HDMI Clamp Kit of SmallRig BMMCC cage. My next attempt in this line of projects was the camera handle, but it seems things moving slowly and i decide to release Angle Expansion Box Module first. Box uses high quality connectors made by Lumberg (Germany). It takes months to test a lot of different connectors before choose proper ones, especially DC power which should work smoothly with BMMCC power plug same as with another more simple ones. Angle shape provides compact and secure cable management, no more mess of wires around camera. Fits perfectly to size and shape of BMMCC Angle HDMI Clamp Kit. 3D printed body. Compatible with SmallRig and Wooden Camera cages. Compatible with other BMMCC controllers. For request 3.5mm jack can be wired to 2 PWM channels or to S.Bus. Other connectors are 2.5 jack LANC and camera DC power in.

    Currently this project is in final stage of development. Hope expansion box will be available in month or so. Price will be around $25-$50. Worldwide shipping with registered air mail about $5.

    For more details send me a private message or contact directly to radioproektor (@) gmail . com

    800 x 450 - 85K
    800 x 450 - 49K
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    800 x 450 - 47K
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  • Some updates: The final product will have DC input jack and 1 female 2.5mm TRS and 1 female 3.5mm TRS jack. Those pins will be pre-configured for S-Bus an Lanc but will be push on not soldered so that you could map any feature you like to the TRS jacks like composite out, PWM, genlock, etc.,

    The master copy for future molding is ready! This was printed on B9Creator DLP 3D printer. The final bodies will be mold from very rugged polyurethane.

    Please be patient and be sure it will be done. I have put too many resources and time to this project and I will bring it to the final point. Hope to release it in March and i think it will cost $50, maybe including shipping cost.

    if someone else potentially interested in this adapter P.M., me, send email of post messages here. This helps me to understand how many copies to produce in first batch and send them all together without delay.

    800 x 450 - 59K
    800 x 450 - 64K
  • OK people, some news here: After long research i dropped the concept of DIY silicone molding and plastic casting because it appears too complicated, requires a lot of additional gear, results are not always predictable, and experiments may take many months. Also i find that those plastic casting materials are not too heat resistant and can deform under extreme sun. It is also problematic to get a neutral deep black color with them. So i return to concept of 3D printed box. I tested few different FDM 3D printers and find that they can produce very different results depending of used material and printer brand. Also instead of unpredictable fragile ABS plastic i find Elastan D70 - new industrial material developed by local manufacturer. It is solid but same time slightly elastic and resistant to impact loads (95 Shore Type D). Usable in temps from -40 to +120 °С. Resistant to UV light, X-ray, wet, oils, fats and many solvents, safe for food contact, low shrinkage durable material. Internal part of the box was also redesigned. It became much stronger now. In day or so i'll get a first test sample of printed box so we can see how it looks, how it feels and do a crash test with heavy hammer.

    800 x 600 - 102K