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Showreel 2: Skin tones
  • The next showreel is all about 'Skin tones'. One of the hardest things to get right is the tone colour of skin within the use of available lighting. Often it can have an unnatural look, harsh, over-saturated, orange and just well, wrong. So we are looking at techniques pre-post to get the most accurate looking skin tones matching to the original ethnicity of the skin - to reproduce what we see with our eyes. So this brings into question lighting and camera settings to achieve a look that is both convincing and easiest to grade in post.

    Any personal-view members who would like to participate please say 'Aye' below. We require just 5 seconds (FIVE SECONDS) shot on the GH2 using ANY patch (including stock firmware if you like) to show off the merits of the GH2 and it's film modes using 1080p24, 720p, 1080i, MJPEG HD/VGA - it would be interesting to see a variety of different lenses being utilised. Shoot anytime of day / night.

    What you will supply:
    You need only upload an original mts file (short recordings only folks detailing the 5 seconds IN/OUT points) nothing else.
    A summary of the hack/no hack, patch, film mode, lens, lens setting (aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc...) and a info note about the sort of lighting employed, and anything interesting you find about lens or camera settings.

    People willing to participate should have dropbox or a similar upload site where we can pull down the original mts file from and of course communicate through this thread.
    Updated Closing date: 5th January 2012.

    Example Skin tone test from Tonaci Tran for RED Scarlet X: 32843511 is here (delete space to get correct url)

    Goto wiki for this project.
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  • Just upgraded from gf1 to gh2 so AYE! in.
  • AYE!

    Great one Nick, I would love to see which lenses are best in showing faces (my bets are on 1.4 or similar lenses at 85mm focal length, but I am eager to find out what the 2x crop factor does to that).
  • @FGCU No, We'll nominate a grader to do that. Pease keep it ALL original and as close to accuracy as you can. We are looking to see how we can achieve accurate skin tones using just the camera and lighting techniques. The grading process will follow. So anyone willing to grade every mts file for this showreel please let me know.

    We will now be using wiki for this project as Vitaliy has opened it up for this type of thing too.
  • Aye, I'm in!
  • @driftwood

    I moved your data to special page, as it is weird to have it all on start page, ok?
    Also installed this
    You can look how it works on project page (on vimeo example)
  • Aye. Offering to edit as well, time permitting.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thanks for that VK, I mistakenly thought it was just for this without realising all projects would thread from the main wiki page. Nice one.
  • Ill upload something
  • Ok, the deadline for Skintones will be 5th January 2012. Don't forget I need original MTS files uploading and keep them small! Nick
  • AYE... (sorry totally missed this)...

    Darn that Scarlet footage looks like footage shot with the G.... [TEXT DELETED AS CONTENT COULD INSIGHT A FLAME WAR]
  • AYE. I'll help this worthy cause.
  • Thats what I like about P-V FGCU... just skip flame and go straight to atomic bomb...
  • So focused on plug-in release, I don't know if I'll get my cam hacked by xmas. I may be in to grade everything, but I'd also love to shoot for this too. TBD :/
  • shian,
    It only takes minutes to hack it.
    There's a BIG difference in quality
  • @driftwood
    Perfect! Now I can shoot with my Nokton 25mm/F.95
  • Yeah,.. I have to get into Q5... soon,... very soon now...