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Printer that Shoots Stills and FullHD Video: Polaroid Snap Touch
  • The Polaroid Snap Touch is a $179 Bluetooth-enabled camera that prints pictures. Or is it a $179 Bluetooth printer that takes stills and video?

    In any case, it takes 13 megapixel stills and shoots FullHD video at 30.00 fps and instantly prints 2x3 pictures (which you can also edit), from it or even from your smartphone if you connect by bluetooth.

    It has a touch screen for settings and viewing that enables touch screen focusing (better than most of those expensive Sony's!). It takes microsd cards up to 128 GBs.

    Here is a test video, taken straight from the camera with no re-compression, except what Vimeo does:

    This video was shot with the blue version, but you can get pink, white, black, red, or purple. polaroidrumors says that blue produces the best image quality. I hope that someone (else) does the comparison so we can know for sure which one is best.

    Oh yes, you get a wrist lanyard and 10 sheets of paper in the box. And, it has a magnetic lens cap.

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