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GH3 with dead LCD (flex cable issue)
  • First of all I had the wobbly GH3 LCD hinge which was repaired under warranty a couple of years ago.

    However, when I got it back after repair (in 2014?) the LCD did not turn on when it was extended away from the camera body. I shipped it in for repair again and as far as I recall the complete hinge assembly with cable was replaced. Now the LCD worked correctly again.

    Summer of 2016 the LCD went dead again. However some light tapping/knock shock to the side of the body/hinge makes the LCD turn on again in some positions, but the colors are sometimes posterized or the image is darker than normal. There is no wobbly hinge, but it seems that the flex cable in the hinge has issues yet again.

    Looking for parts on ebay I find both the flex cabel as a separate part and the flex cable allready attached to the hinge assembly.

    Do anyone have experience replacing the complete hinge with flex cable?

    Also, I'm kind of disappointed about the flex cable malfunctions. Is this a typical problem of cameras with rotating LCDs? Looking at the GH3 flex cable parts on ebay they seem to sell a lot...

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  • Picture of the flex cable only part.

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