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Kodak PixPro Orbit360 VR 4K Camera
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    • Dual 20MP CMOS sensors
    • Three multi-view angles:
      • 360° Spherical View: Two integrated curved lenses 155° + 235°
      • 4K Full frame View (Front Mode) w/197° super wide angle lens
      • Hemisphere View (Globe Mode) w/235° angle lens
    • Facebook™ and YouTube™ 360° Photos & Videos
    • Supports microSD card up to 128GB


    JK Imaging Ltd., the worldwide licensee for KODAK PIXPRO Digital Cameras and Devices, announced today its 2017 line of digital cameras and devices, featuring an expanded offering within the highly popular and growing 360° VR interactive camera category. This year's lineup will include the brand new KODAK PIXPRO ORBIT360 4K VR Camera, adding yet another option to the award-winning KODAK PIXPRO 360° VR camera family within the highly regarded KODAK PIXPRO brand.

    Further expansion of the highly regarded 360° VR Camera category within the 2017 KODAK PIXPRO lineup is proof of JK Imaging's commitment to video enthusiasts worldwide. The expanded line includes the addition of a third 360° VR camera to their popular KODAK PIXPRO lineup, joining the award-winning SP360 4K that has been embraced by creative visionaries and content creators worldwide. The ORBIT360 4K will enter the market with a base MSRP of $499US and will follow the existing KODAK PIXPRO 360° models with optional bundles that include valuable accessories and complimentary PIXPRO software for editing and stitching on Mac and PC's. All KODAK PIXPRO 360° VR camera models are YouTube™ compatible for 360° interactive videos and Facebook™ compatible for 360° photos and videos. The new ORBIT360 4K is aimed at passionate consumers looking to capture their adventures, travel and special moments with 360° video and photos to broaden their options when it comes to capturing memories and sharing them on the go. KODAK PIXPRO cameras are available on:

    UK EU PR

    JK Imaging Ltd., the worldwide licensee for KODAK PIXPRO Digital Cameras and Devices, today announced the next generation KODAK PIXPRO 4KVR360 Camera, a compact, single-body design to target the rapidly growing 360° VR video consumer market.

    The 4KVR360 adopts a minimalist and stylish approach to an all-in-one 360° VR camera, with two 4K fixed focus lenses housed on either side of the futuristic camera body. Each lens is designed to work in tandem, to capture and automatically stitch full 360° 4K video* and easily upload 360° photos and videos to Facebook™ and 360° interactive videos to YouTube™ via the camera’s smart device app on the go.

    “The 4KVR360 will join our award winning 360° VR camera line up and is the third 360° camera added to the KODAK PIXPRO portfolio,” said Mariame Cissé, Marketing Director for JK Imaging Ltd. in EMEA. “We are continuing to innovate and lead the interactive 360° VR camera market and are committed to providing multiple devices and options to not only consumers, but also to professional content creators when it comes to choosing a quality 360° VR camera based on their specific needs.”

    JK Imaging is no latecomer to the 360° VR party and is considered one of the industry pioneers to bring one of the first 360° VR cameras to market over 2 years ago. As the VR market continues to take the tech sector by storm, JK Imaging is positioned as one of the leading companies to watch. Armed with world-class, hardware and software engineers, their dedicated product planning continues to push the envelope and evolve the 360° VR space.

    Award winning hardware is not the company’s only strong suit. JK Imaging takes a very unique approach, by not only developing a streamlined process to capture and share VR videos directly to social media, but also offers value-add accessories and software with their cameras, which is another key differentiator from other companies in the VR camera space. All KODAK PIXPRO 360° cameras in the line include complimentary PIXPRO Editing and Stitching software for both Mac™ and PCs and include an assortment of useful camera accessories and mounts with each camera bundle at no extra cost.

    With more and more consumers becoming increasingly tech savvy and personally engaging on a day-to-day basis with 360° videos on their social media feeds and more, they are looking for not only better video quality solutions, but also easier set up and simplified options to multi-camera rigs and countless hours of editing and stitching.

    The 4KVR360 features two 20MP CMOS sensors and uses a Micro SD card (up to 128GB, class 10 or higher) to record 360° photos and videos. The 4KVR360 camera incorporates Wi-Fi® and NFC® compatibility for smart device apps to control and view the camera’s feed remotely. The 4KVR360 also features Bluetooth® compatibility in an optional remote control device that can be worn or mounted to the camera’s optional accessories for even easier control for the camera.

    JK Imaging anticipates availability of the new 4KVR360 in the first quarter of 2017. The 4KVR360 base model will retail for 499€ and the company will continue to provide their customers with optional bundles that will include useful accessories and software designed to work in tandem with the 4KVR360 camera

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  • I was hope to be better ;)

  • Some progress towards retail


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  • Our NAB interview

  • Planned launch date in EU is September 1 at IFA Berlin 2017.

  • US release date will be August 1.

  • Unboxing

    Live streaming

  • August 31, 2017 Messe Berlin – Stand 125, Hall 11.1: JK Imaging Ltd. Europe, the worldwide licensee for Kodak Pixpro Digital Cameras and Devices, is announcing the worldwide availability of its new VR camera, the 4KVR360, which is also known as the ORBIT360 in the US, at IFA 2017.

    Giving IFA 2017 visitors the first ever chance to get hands on with its new 4K VR camera, Kodak Pixpro will be showcasing how the 4KVR360 adopts a minimalist approach to an all-in-one 360˚ VR camera, with two fixed focus lenses housed by a futuristic camera body.

    Two powerful 20 megapixel CMOS sensors make it even easier to capture more detail within a full 360 degree shot, and three unique multi-view angles give users the flexibility to frame, capture and shoot in any way they choose. Each curved lens is designed to work in tandem to capture a full 360 degree 8 million plus pixel resolution video or image, offering crystal clear quality from every angle.

    A compact, ultra-portable camera, the 4KVR360 has been designed to capture every detail in interactive images and videos and, using Kodak Pixpro’s complementary Remote View App for iOS™ and ANDROID™, users can also see exactly what they’re recording via a smart device, and are able to upload 360° photos and videos to social media accounts while on the go.

    Mariame Cisse, Marketing Director for JK Imaging Ltd., comments: “The decision to continue expanding our award winning 360 degree VR camera line up with the new Kodak Pixpro 4KVR360 was a natural progression. We are committed to the interactive 360 degree video format and want to give yet another option to consumers when it comes to choosing a quality 360° VR camera based on their specific needs.”

    Following the award-winning success of Kodak Pixpro’s SP360 4K action camera, the 4KVR360 is bringing the future of 360 degree VR photos and videos to consumers and professionals, who are becoming increasingly tech savvy and personally engaging on a day to day basis with 360 degree videos on their social media feeds and more. Users are looking for not only better video quality solutions, but easier set up and simplified options to multi-camera rigs and countless hours of editing and stitching, which the 4KVR360 provides.

    The option to trim and edit photo and video shots comes through using the complimentary Pixpro Desktop Editing and Stitching software, which can be easily installed on Mac or PC. Wireless is also an option as the 4KVR360 has Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and NFC® connection capabilities.

    Kodak Pixpro’s 4KVR360 camera is available now in the UK via Currys, priced at £419.99:

    Kodak Pixpro will also be offering a 360 degrees tutorial workshop at IFA 2017, taking their creative vision and passion to new heights with a VR flying machine and a small robot fitted with its 360 degree action cameras, allowing stand visitors to explore in a new dimension their 360 degree VR videos.

  • I seen same clip as they saying the older black version is consider as more PRO. Is this the reason of delay cos they did not managed to get better result from it? I dont know how good quality can be in VR world but I was hope for better from what Is on YT. Can same happy owner tell me if this is worth the money in a good hands with HI res footage stich manually?

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  • Kodak PIXPRO ORBIT360 4K Spherical VR Camera Satellite Pack, $397


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