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Perhaps the first full feature movie on the hacked gh2

  • I posted it in the stalin hack sample, but I think it merits its own threat because I think it is the first full feature movie on the hacked gh2 and secondly it looks incredible. Done on the .... lowly 44 mbit hack :-)
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  • You beat me to the punch ;) Amazing grading and cinematography.
  • I could not resist, it looks just incredible, had to share it :-)
  • This looks great!
    Id like to know how the HDR-look is achieved in some of the shots :)

    Now i seriously consider shooting my student pre-diploma movie on my beloved GH2. Just have to convince the rest of the team that this cam is gooood stuff - harder than you'd expect. They are not satisfied with 7D look, so they think GH2 is not better.
  • At least you will have a good example to show them what this little cam can do now :-)
  • I was going to post this today too. So good. I'm hoping he'll share some of the post/color/grading techniques.
  • yeah, I'd like to know about those HDRish shots too. I do remember there was a video done a while ago, I think is was on a gh1, but I can't remember for sure, that had a similar HDR look. There is a process for getting faux HDR described online somewhere.

    edit: here is the video. Maybe something like this was done for those shots. Someone has posted a question on the trailer comments asking about this.

  • Maybe he just bought Mojo for 25 bucks :)
  • Oh my God...
  • AMAZING!!!!

    by the way which Tokina mount did you use?
  • Great stuff
    We need more of films like this and less of the "Frifty Drifty supergop -1x intra agua faqua taqua lacker tacker iso 12800 patch tests" on places like vimeo.
    Its out of control and at the end of the day shows nothing what can truly be acheived with the GH2.
    Full on respect to the filmaker of Musgo! He used the camera as a filmaking tool.
    Its.... fucking.... purpose.
  • @Mimirsan Yep its all in the filmmaking you're absolutely right. When it comes to it, joe public don't give diddly fuck about what format/camera/settings was used. However, producing 'superduper' GOP1 is no wasted excercise and to NO detriment to other patches or settings. Each to their own. You make me smile, continue to.
  • @driftwood...well said !!....THANK YOU DRIFTWOOD...THANK YOU VITALIY KISELEV !!
  • @ehr
    think you're referring to a docu shot in India. The filmmaker used a hacked GH13, and a Gh2, the footage he produced blew me away. In its compressed form, placed beside similarly compressed RED images, I couldn't tell which was which.

    I love the stuff I just saw in Musgo. I'd be very proud myself to be able to achieve something like this. But question is, for theatrical release, how would such footage hold when blown up on the big screen? Remember m4/3 is still a smaller sensor than APSC. I have seen in Kantana, Thailand some transfers taken from the 5D, and transcoded into DPX. The guys there do amazing stuff to conform MTS files, such that the finished images on the huge screen come very close to super 16.

    Is the filmmaker of Musgo going to bump his film up? Would be very very interested to find out about the outcome.
  • Gobsmacked! I think the biggest compliment these filmmakers can get, is that I (and I think a lot of you) get a feeling of wanting to make movies. It's so easy to get caught in all the technicalities and gadgets, this helps to remind me why I bought all this stuff. :-D
  • Whats amazing to me...its all just hacked to the 42MB or 44mb...(on vimeo says 42) nothing crazy.... BRAVO...
  • @Driftwood...dont take it personally. To me it needs to be said (a personal view). If you got a problem with me amusing you...give me a pm. ;-)

    Obviously finding optimum image quality has its benefits....and you have contributed settings and so have yeah thanks for that.
    Im not anti hack and what Vitaliy has and continues to do is great.

    But what seems to be happening is a pattern...GH1 hacked,lots of tests...GH2 comes out...oh GH1 is rubbish GH2 is the best...GH2 gets hacked...lots of tests...GH3.....?
    Its a pixel peeping bermuda triangle. ;-)

    All one has to do is type GH2 on vimeo and see how many hack test/lens test/wibble wobble/vs videos you see in comparison to actual films.
    Maybe this is why many non GH2 appreciates dont look at the GH2 as a serious tool instead of all things the Canons.

    There's test videos on other formats sure but a lot less than the GHs.
    Probably this is because they dont spend most of their time tweaking bitrate settings but actually just go out and shoot content & tell stories.

    Yet we know otherwise right?

    Folks need to get off their asses and make more films with this wondercam hacked or unhacked. Then hopefully it'll make more of a impact. Theres shitloads of talented folk here.
    I think the above film says it all.
    And hopefully something great comes from the GH2 collab here...I really do hope.
  • @Mimirsan I think it is the natural progression of the gh2 and the hack. You had to pass by these test and I say these because you had the stock gh2 and now the multiple hack version. Now it will have to settle somewhere when we will know about the qualities and limitation of the hacked gh2. Until this, test will be warranted. In 3 to 6 month, I agree that the people posting the 100 test on the driftwood intra code will be ridiculous.
  • Man, look at those bts photos: Cowboy studio shoulder rig, Cokin P hood, LCDVF and the Hague MMC. I guess the budget went to writing a great script, paying great actors, scouting great locations and spending time waiting for great natural light! It's not the tools...
  • @danyyyel
    True thats a fair point wih the hack comes the tests and its valid....but what else?
    GH3'll be round the corner and we'll be back to square one....I hope im wrong though ;-)

    To not be going off topic if anyone wants to continue this debate you can pm me.

    Vesubio may well inspire many more GH2 films to be born ;-)
  • I am 100% with you, but the Canon have been here much longer and they are known quantity. The second thing is that the Canon had all the market just for them, so today the perception is that they are the standard and... the best for most shooters. As such the gh line has an uphill battle of minds. What I find strange unfortunately is that many people here and on other forum say that they have use the gh2 with red for example and no one has the interest to shoot some shot side by side. I am not saying full blown test but just to show how it compares. For their saying it is quite good to very good compared to those high end camera. At least these test would have told everyone from the gh2 community and beyond the true quality of this camera and people could have concentrated on other ... more important thing than is this camera capable of shooting a feature or not. Believe it or not, for me the gh2 is the least tested (good quality test) of all the dslr I have seen. What is the DR of the gh2 compared to the other dslr... no proper test.

    That is why I said that this trailer from vesubio is a milestone for the gh2. Because even the 44 mbs hack is enough to produce some true cinematic imagery. I hope that it will inspire more creative work, because I thought that we would have at least seen twice, trice more response to this threat than what we have now. I hope someday we will have more people posting on such a subject than the "dslr spohacolic" one. The whole DSLR thing has become so much a gear thing even here, that it has lost its soul. It was suppose to give to indie no budget film makers the mean to produce true cinematic films, not the type of look at my rig thing. When you see the behind the scene, he is using $ 50 support system!!!
  • @kazuo:

    I had my trailer, shot on gh2 stock blown up on our local cinema, which has a pretty large screen, running for about a month every day, on 35mm film. looked great! at least not worse than other commercials. :)
  • @kazuo it has nothing to do with the format of the cameras when trying to determine how well an image would hold up in theaters. I'm not sure how you are looking at it but I'll give you an example. An EX-1 is a small format camera....much smaller that micro 4/3s...but that didn't stop it from delivering theatrical features. And as far as the M 4/3 being smaller than the APS-c...that's a non issue. It's not even that much smaller..remember...the APS-C has a 4:3 sensor and to get its 16:9 image it has to crop that sensor to get it. The GH-2 is an oversized M 4/3 sensor (even bigger than the AF-100) and it uses all of the sensor to get its 16:9 image. Even then...the 5D2...GH1/2...&D/T2i/60...AF100...FS100...Sony F3 and yes....the smaller sensor EX-1 etc. all finishes in a 1920x1080/16:9 sized picture. The images are all the same size no matter where they started from. Most of these cameras are strictly 4:2:0. In terms of codecs used they are all much more limited than the GH-2 because of its hack (not referring to HDMI/SDI out if they have it). But codec wise the GH-2 kicks but. I think there should be no question on how well this will hold up on the big screen in comparison to the cameras named (even to more expensive ones). Just because it's a cheap camera doesn't mean it makes cheap images (I know you didn't say that ....but I'm just saying). Just to give you some measure of what I'm trying to say....did you see "Crank 2?" Lol...I rest my case. :-)

    ...and I kind of enjoyed that stupid little movie...

    Personally, with this camera, I think all we need now worry about is how good we are as cinematographers. Me, I suck!! But hey...if I could be half as good as vesubio....I could give a flying fart about a much more expensive camera for a good while.
  • Man this trailer was inspiring... and those behind the scenes photos. It really does give you some major confidence as a GH2 owner. I'm kind of stuck in the middle of writing my own "script" to a one hour film I hope to do on the gh2x. Seeing stuff like this is just plain awesome. Is there anyone else on this forum seriously in production or in pre-production on their own narrative using the gh2 as their primary cam? Would be cool to compile a list.
  • @L1N3ARX I am in pre-production for shooting a movie next summer.
  • Hey Fatpig or anyone else.. does anyone have the files of their film AFTER transferred to 35mm from the GH2? I would love to see what it looks like.