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GX1's wrting speed is lower than GF2 with a same card
  • Hi everyone, Merry Christmas!!

    I owned a GF2 since 2012 and bought a used GX1 recently for video shooting.

    I hacked my GF2 with settings with over 100 Mbps in MP4 and the gear worked well with my Sandisk 45m/s card (U-1) Then I hacked the GX1 with the same setting (for example, driftwood's MOON T9) and used the same Sandisk 45 m/s card. Surprisingly GX1 always showed writing error due to card speed, which never happened with my GF2! I tried several lower mbps settings at around 60-70 mbps with my GX1, no writing error came up, but the video became very unsmooth when played in my computer. The unsmooth playback is obviously caused by the insufficient writing speed during recording.

    Quite confused that GX1, a camera supporting SDXC U1 card, could have insufficient wrting speed problem which never happens with GF2, an older model without SDXC card support.

    I know GX1 is not a gear metioned often here, but I still would like to know any GX1 owner or any expert ( like @Vitality_Kiselev or @Driftwood :)) could help with it.

    BTW, this is my first post and I would like to take the chance to thank every setting provider like @Vitality_Kiselev , @Driftwood for bringing my GF2 to a new level of videography. I have so much fun with it!!!

    Thank you!

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  • You can use GX1 topic to get more responses.

    Note that internally hacks can be slightly different, camera buffer can differ and lot of other things.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Wow you replied so soon! Thanks! Just curious why a newer model could ever has lower buffer and wrting speed than the old ones.
    I bought GX1 for its better focusing speed and better handling, but smaller size than GH2, hope it can still work with the wonderful settings here after the issue is solved.

  • or anyone could share some stable high mbps setting for GX1 here so that I could try various solutions? Thanks!