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Bracketing -> MultiExposure "middle level research" Setting in Ptool
  • Hello, can some explain with an example of what the "middle level research" - "bracketing -> Multiple Exposure" setting allows one to do if you should include this hack into a new gh17 bin file?

    It just says "changes bracketing settings to multiple exposure function", but how is "bracketing" different than "multiple exposure", as in an unhacked GH1 when you use the bracketing, it is taking multiple photos at different exposure levels, so they imply the same thing, so I need a clearer explanation from someone who understands what is actually going on and what is changing by enabling this setting choice.

    Also as far as I know the GH1 does not combine the photos taken when bracketing into one hdr image, correct? So why would the note say "interface working but image combining not working"? Does that mean Vitaliy is attempting to turn the bracketing function into an auto hdr photo creating mode? If that could be possible it would be very high on my list as it would be amazing to have that feature instead of using something like photomatix to do the combining of all the multiple exposures taken in the (unhacked) bracketing mode into one hdr jpeg.

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  • @Toronto

    This is old hack.
    It just replaces one menu function for another (that is not present at all in menu).
    But this function is not finished in firmware (by Panasonic), so it is just proof of concept.
  • Thank you for explaining that it was just a proof of concept, I guess photomatix is still best option.