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Feelworld F7, 7" FullHD IPS monitor
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    • 1920x1200 IPS 7" panel
    • 450 nits brightness
    • 1200:1 contrast
    • Histogram, Selectable color peaking, False color, Adjustable IRE zebra, Grid
    • Central zoom, Markers, Safe areas selectable
    • Anamorphic mode ( for 1.3x and 2.0x)
    • Support all 720p, 1080p, 1080i modes up to 60fps
    • Support 4K input at 23.98p, 24p, 25p, 29,97p, 30p
    • 180mm x 120mm x 23mm
    • 280g weight
    • Dc input accepts 7-24V
    • Comes with: Sunshade, Hot shoe ball mount, Sony NP battery plate, HDMI cable, manual

    Available now.

    Price: $200 $195
    Shipping: Price already includes shipping for US/Canada/UK/Australia&NZ/Western Europe. Contact for any other regions.
    I want to buy this monitor.


    748 x 570 - 75K
    741 x 558 - 62K
    746 x 334 - 22K
    728 x 180 - 17K
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