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Cost of Grading a 90 min feature
  • So I tried for pretty much this last year to CC and grade my feature. But I have realized its better to get it done from a professional. Have to warn you - about 6 mins of the film use footage that is incorrectly exposed and WB'ed.

    So what will it cost me ? I would have to send you the hard disk and then get back the finished film.

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  • I graded a documentary last december which had 10 different cameras of all kinds of quality. I think I charged around 3000 euros in total (+VAT). Could you upload some samples?

  • Also good idea is to ask @shian

  • Being realistic. In can cost you between 500 to 100000 dollars depending on talent and machines if you are using DaVinci Resolve it may cost you lower but if you're using pablo, scratch or any other specialty machinery and good talent don't expect it to be cheap I recommend you to talk to shian maybe he can contact you with a good talent that may help you with a a good cost performance.

  • As always, there are different levels of production and costs can always reflect that. Maybe the first question is what kind of budget you might consider? And also important is what kind of film you are doing (what you are looking for in the grade) and what kind of footage you have (does it take more / less work to get to a desired look/outcome). Studios generally have daily rates that are high, but you can get quite a lot done (in limited time) if there is talent and machinery behind the wheels..

  • @endotoxic.... I think you mean, She... but yeah... I already responded to zcream's msg

  • @shian. Old habits! sorry. But you are the one for this fella!